Just How Well Does Condoleezza Rice Play Golf?

Condoleezza Rice was one of the first of two women ever admitted to Augusta National Golf Club, the home of the Masters tournament. So what's this golfer's handicap?

In an interview on CNBC’s Kudlow Report, Rice said, “it’s down to a 14. I love to drive the ball and I love to putt. Everything in between is an adventure.”

If 14 is higher than you might have expected, it appears Rice is relatively new to the game; that her fondness for golf developed somewhat later in life.

According to the New York Times. Rice began golfing only seven years ago, on a vacation with family members at the Greenbrier, a resort in West Virginia.

Although a relative newcomer, Rice's handicap may soon look more like that of a pro. Rice also told CNBC that over the summer she's played golf 2 to 3 times a week. And she specifically told Larry Kudlow, "If I can get better from 100 yards in, my handicap, --it'll plummet!"

Rice is no stranger to athletic contests. As a teen she pursued figure skating very seriously and later she became an avid tennis player.

It appears, however, golf is her passion now.

Rice told Golf Digest in an interview last year. “To me, the best part of golf is that unlike my tennis game, I can actually get better. I’ve probably reached my plateau in tennis, but in golf, I have a lot of room for improvement. "

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