Despite Todd Akin Controversy, GOP Can Win Senate: McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has a plan that he thinks could turn the tables and give the GOP a majority in the Senate, despite the controversy in Missouri.

Earlier in the month, Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s remarks about abortion and rape created a firestorm, compelling national Republican leaders to ask he drop out of the race.

However, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Larry Kudlow that no matter what happened in Missouri, there were still enough seats in play that the GOP could win the Senate.

In an interview on the website Politico McConnell added that there were three Democratic seats in states where Mitt Romney will likely defeat President Barack Obama — North Dakota, Nebraska, Montana and Missouri. He thinks the GOP could win those seats.

Also on Politico, the Republican leader, who is heavily involved in the Senate GOP’s campaign tactics, argued that the GOP could pick off Democratic seats in four states that will be competitive between Obama and Romney — Wisconsin, Ohio, Virginia and Florida.

He claimed that Republicans could give Democrats a run in blue states, like Hawaii, New Mexico and Connecticut. And he predicted that the GOP wouldn’t lose the seats it currently holds in Nevada and Massachusetts.

“We have enough seats in play to take the senate,” McConnell said to Larry Kudlow. “We have at least 10 opportunities to pick up seats we don’t currently have – whether Missouri is still winnable or not we have other places.”

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