Kudlow: Why Is GOP Using Liberal Code Words?

Larry Kudlow is outraged that Paul Ryan is talking about 'tax fairness'. “Ryan doesn’t believe in the left wing idea of tax fairness. That’s an Obama idea!”

In a live interview on the Kudlow Report, Senator Kelly Ayotte, (R) New Hampshire explained that she believes there's more than meets the eye in Paul Ryan's language.

Ayotte said Ryan is taking the phrase and using it to leverage his position on tax reform. “Ryan wants to lower the tax code and simplify it,” Ayotte said. Period. End.

She thinks Ryan is saying that is what fairness is.

And Sen. Ron Johnson, (R) Wisconsin added that any kind of tax fairness will be pro-growth.

“Both Kelly and I can assure you that any kind of tax fairness will include growth. That is the GOP approach,” he said.

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