Bill Clinton Could Go Rogue at Convention: Klein

Democrats across America will be glued to their TV’s Wednesday eager to hear from Bill Clinton. And what he says is anybody’s guess, including the Obama's.

According to author and reporter Ed Klein, former President Clinton won’t let anyone see his speech – anyone.

“The Obama’s are demanding that he at least give them a sense of what he’ll say, but he’s furious with them and won’t even respond," revealed Klein on the Kudlow Report.

Klein explained that the rift between the Obamas and the Clintons was nothing new, with this latest flare-up happening after the Obamas attempted to sideline the former president at the convention in Raleigh.

“The White House wanted him to take a minor role but he refused,” Klein told Larry Kudlow. “Clinton said either I’m giving the nominating speech or I won’t show up. And they completely collapsed because they need him a lot more then he needs the Obamas.”

Now, on the eve of the speech, Clinton has the upper hand and he knows it.

According to Klein, President Clinton has been absolutely emphatic, insisting that, 'Nobody’s going to tell me what to say.' And as a result, they have no idea what he’s going to say.”

Not only will the nation be listening to Clinton closely but so will the hierarchy of the Democratic party. Klein believes Clinton will subtly set the stage for 2016. “He’s going to remind America about the Clinton brand,” said Klein. “That means Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton because what he cares about is 2016 – that’s when Hillary will run.”

* Ed Klein is the author of a controversial book “The Amateur” in which he examines whether President Obama is ill-suited to occupy the White House.