Kudlow: White House Secrets About to Be Exposed!

A new book by famed journalist Bob Woodward, that’s scheduled to be released next week, could expose secrets that President Obama and the Democrats prefer never saw the light of day.

According to early chatter the book, which is titled, "The Price of Politics," and hits bookstores Sept. 11 th, calls into question whether President Obama is truly willing to reach across the aisle and find middle ground with Republicans.

The book instead suggests deals may have unraveled because President Obama behaved arrogantly and was unwilling to compromise.

Perhaps the most controversial part of the book deals with the negotiations in and around the so-called grand bargain between President Obama and the Republican speaker of the house, John Boehner, over the debt ceiling .

In the end, House Speaker John Boehner rejected President Obama's proposal, but according to the people who have seen Woodward’s book, it was because the President insisted on squeezing Boehner for more – when there was no more to be had.

“But at a critical juncture, with an agreement tantalizingly close, Obama pressed Boehner for additional taxes as part of a final deal – a miscalculation, in retrospect, given how far the House speaker felt he'd already gone,” writes Rick Klein of ABC News , who presumably had access to the book.

The president called three times to speak with Boehner about his latest offer, according to Woodward. But the speaker didn't return the president's phone call for 18 hours, writes The Daily Beast which excepted the “Juicy Bits from Bob Woodward’s Book.”

When Boehner finally did call back, he jettisoned the entire deal. Obama lost his famous cool, according to Woodward, with a "flash of pure fury." "He was spewing coals," Boehner told Woodward, in what is described as a borderline "presidential tirade."

Events detailed above may sound more like a fascinating read than anything else, but with the fiscal cliff on the horizon, a similar impasse would be catastrophic.

On The Kudlow Report , journalist Major Garrett of the National Journal explained the US economy could become derailed entirely.

“If Washington behaves like that and does nothing in the lame duck session, then for the first time with foreknowledge, Washington will impose a recession upon this nation.”

* Note: The Kudlow Report and editorial in this post reflect the opinons of conservative commentator Larry Kudlow . During President Reagan’s first term, Mr. Kudlow was the associate director for economics and planning, Office of Management and Budget, Executive Office of the President, where he was engaged in the development of the administration’s economic and budget policy.

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