Kudlow: Muslim Brotherhood Not Lifting a Pinky Finger for US

The outbreak of anti-American violence has the nation incensed. But perhaps nobody is more outraged than Larry Kudlow.

“We’re in the cross hairs here – we need to teach these people a lesson or we will pay the price again,” insisted Kudlow on Wednesday.

Over the past few days anti-US violence in the Mideast has intensified.

In Libya, Ambassador Chris Stevens and three embassy staffers were killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate in the city of Benghazi.

Gunmen stormed the building in retaliation for a film being produced in the US that, they say, insults the Prophet Mohammed.

And in Egypt protesters scaled the U.S. embassy's walls and tore down the American flag again, in response to the same film.

Meanwhile, Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi, an Islamist from the once-banned Muslim Brotherhood, has tried to reassure Western countries that Egypt will remain an ally.

The Brotherhood called for a nationwide protests against the film, though they were intended to be peaceful.

Mursi withdrew from the Brotherhood before taking office.

Sen. Dan Coats, (R) IN shares Larry Kudlow’s outrage at the events outlined above. “I can guarantee Congress will demand that we have cooperation from Egypt or dollars won’t go to Egypt – they need to take a strong stand!”

“The Muslim Brotherhood is not lifting a pinky finger to help the US,” added an irate Larry Kudlow. “Not a pinky finger!”

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