Airline Roundup: Top Loyalty Program Deals This Week

Every mile matters. And sometimes subscribing to an airline's email distribution list can help you achieve free travel rewards faster. (Read more: How Flying, Just For the Miles, Can Pay Off)

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Several airlines this week launched bonus mile opportunities for either flying or purchasing frequent flier miles. Here's a rundown of the current promotions.

AirTran Airways

Members of the AirTran Airways A+ Rewards program can earn double credit for all domestic travel and triple credit for all international flights. To take advantage of the offer, book your ticket for travel through November 14 and register here prior to travel.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards members can earn double points on all travel nationwide. Members will receive 12 points (instead of six) for each dollar spent on Wanna Get Away fares, 20 points (instead of 10) for each dollar spent on Anytime Fares, and 24 points (instead of 12) for each dollar spent on Business Select Fares. Book your ticket for travel through November 15 and register here prior to travel.

United Airlines

If you're close to an award level for free travel, United is offering 40 percent off the purchase of 30,000 miles or more, or 20 percent off the purchase of up to 30,000 miles. Click here to see the various rates for the current discount promotion that ends September 19. United's parent is United Continental Holdings .

US Airways

US Airways is offering a double mile promotion through September 30 where if you purchase or "gift" miles to someone else, members will be credited with double the miles purchased or gifted. A maximum of 50,000 miles can be purchased/gifted under this offer, allowing for a total credit of 100,000 miles. Find out more by clicking here.


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