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  Tuesday, 5 Feb 2013 | 4:44 PM ET

Think the Bond Bull Is Dead—Think Again

Posted By: Lee Brodie

Headlines couldn't be more bullish for stocks. On a daily basis it seems investors hear another reason why the Dow or S&P is about to explode.

However, if you think the bond bull is failing, MacNeil Curry, top FX and rates strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, says you're sorely mistaken.

Curry told CNBC's "Futures Now" that he thinks the march higher in yields is nearly done. "In the 10 year, I think we top out in yield between 2.05 percent and 2.10 percent," he said.

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  Tuesday, 5 Feb 2013 | 12:21 PM ET

Iuorio: What This Metal's Rally Is Saying About the Economy?

Posted By: Jim Iuorio

Plenty of traders watch gold and silver but top trader Jim Iuorio is watching another metal entirely - platinum.

Following is his analysis:

On Monday, April platinum futures at the CME broke out of a clear sideways consolidation pattern, and now appear to be poised for more gains.

Platinum is reacting to a couple of things, but the most important catalyst is the talk of a global supply shortage. Beyond this, though, there are plenty of macro reasons to get into platinum right now.

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  Tuesday, 5 Feb 2013 | 11:55 AM ET

Are Rates Going Higher or Lower?

U.S. Treasuries prices fell on Tuesday after less worrisome data on European business activity in 10 months raised hopes of an economic recovery in the region, stoking selling of safe-haven government debt.

The market sell-off was also spurred by lower yields on Italian and Spanish sovereign debt after they jumped on Monday on worries about possible major political shake-ups in euro zone's third and fourth biggest economies.

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  Tuesday, 5 Feb 2013 | 11:27 AM ET

Moment of Truth for Gold: Ilczyszyn

Posted By: Rich Ilczyszyn

Gold consolidated towards the upper end of its range yesterday, after bouncing off of a trend line that starts with the Jan. 5 low.

With the current price action against $1,680, gold is now bracing against a resistance trend line from the late November highs.

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  Monday, 4 Feb 2013 | 11:34 AM ET

Why This Week Will Be a Bad One for Oil: Ilczyszyn

Posted By: Rich Ilczyszyn
Stephen Strathdee | E+ | Getty Images

Energy bulls appear to be confident. According to the weekly Commitment of Traders report, big money and producers have raised their long bets on oil for the seventh week, to a nine-month high.

Nonetheless, crude oil continues to run into the major resistance wall at $98.12, with a $98.15 high on Friday.

Meanwhile, the U.S. dollar index pressed to new swing lows, testing the zone under 79. This will create support for crude oil and other commodities.

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Will We See Record Gasoline Prices This Year?
Byron Wien: Sorry Bulls, S&P Ends Year Where It Started

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  Friday, 1 Feb 2013 | 12:51 PM ET

What the Jobs Report Means for Bonds: Iuorio

Posted By: Jim Iuorio

We got the January jobs report, and the headline number was that 157,000 jobs were created.

To me, though, one aspect of the numbers resonates louder than the rest — and it explains why rates are plummeting in the face of decent economic news.

Both the November and December jobs number releases enjoyed significant upward revisions. And the current number was in line with forecasts. Despite those newly discovered jobs, the unemployment rate actually ticked up to 7.9 percent.

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  Thursday, 31 Jan 2013 | 3:08 PM ET

Byron Wien: Sorry Bulls, S&P Ends Year Where It Started

Posted By: Lee Brodie

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average on track for its best January since 1989 and the Standard & Poor's 500 off to its fastest start since 1997, it seems most pros are expecting a banner year.

They say history is on the side of the bulls. When the S&P 500 gained at least 5 percent in January, it has almost always finished the year with a very strong double-digit gain.

Just check out this chart:


Jan Gain

Year Gain


































Average 24.33%

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  Thursday, 31 Jan 2013 | 11:32 AM ET

Will We See Record Gasoline Prices This Year?

MIcrozoa | The Image Bank | Getty Images

Commodity traders seemed to be talking about one thing on Thursday - gasoline prices. If the economy is truly improving conventional wisdom would suggest that energy prices as well as prices at the pump should continue higher.

However, on Thursday the price action in the futures contracts called the bullish outlook into question.

By mid-session it appeared that gasoline prices would end their 10-session rally, as traders took profits before the expiration of the February contract.

Seasonal refinery maintenance has tightened supply and driven gasoline prices up sharply in the past two weeks, with gasoline futures settling at an all-time high for January of $3.0315 a gallon Wednesday.

"We were due for a pullback in gasoline," said Jim Ritterbusch of Ritterbusch & Associates. "We had a huge price spike, and now we're seeing a little correction."

Now what?

Tell us what you think by voting in our Futures Now poll.

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  Thursday, 31 Jan 2013 | 11:03 AM ET

Why the S&P Is Set to Sell Off: Iuorio

Posted By: Jim Iuorio
Getty Images

Wednesday's mild equity sell-off has created some concerns regarding the strength of the current rally.

It's important to keep one's perspective in the face of what could be a very healthy pull-back that creates buying opportunities at attractive prices.

If S&P futures trade below 1490, I will consider it a signal that the correction is on. The first downside objective would be 1472, where market should find some support.

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  Wednesday, 30 Jan 2013 | 12:24 PM ET

Short Oil Traders Continue to Feel The Pain: Ilczyszyn

Posted By: Rich Ilczyszyn

Crude oil has extended to new highs reaching $98 and seeming to attempt to reach out next target at $98.79. You must follow the U.S. dollar with Wednesday's data in order to trade crude oil.

Additionally, with equities on the war path, higher crude should follow suit. This market will remain bullish all the way down to $93 and I can see a healthy consolidation above that level.

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