Obama-Romney Debate — The Drinking Game

We watch political debateshoping the candidates say something new. They rarely do. Zzzzzz.

So why watch if they're just going to say the same old thing?

To take part in a national drinking game.


In that spirit, CNBC's "The Kudlow Report" asked me to put together a list of words or phrases worth raising a glass to (responsibly) during the Presidential debate in Denver. Words like "economy" and "jobs" are too easy, you won't survive the first five minutes. Same with "Libya" and "national security" and "debt" and "Iran" and "Israel".

Here's my more targeted list.

Drink every time the President says:

"Millionaires and billionaires."

"Their fair share."

"47 percent."

"Let me be clear." Actually, only take a sip each time he says this or you'll be in no condition to watch the Romney rebuttal.

"Osama bin Laden." Drink twice, just because.

For Gov. Romney, raise a glass when you hear:

"The private sector."

"Entrepreneurship, innovation."

"In my heart." (This video also includes him saying “Obamacare”—and that’s a good one, too)

"You didn't build that."

More suggestions from Twitter:

"Drink any time you feel like you're underemployed" -@Tempdiaries

"Every time Obama blames Bush, everybody drinks (Kool-Aid may be involved)" -@cheryl5115

"Take two drinks every time a candidate ignores a question and goes off on a random rant" -@rewashednews.

Finally, here's a hilarious graphic from ConservativeIntel.comhighlighting its choices for the debate drinking game. My favorite is,

"If a candidate goes over their allowed time, CHUG UNTIL THE HOSTS STOPS THEM."

Remember, debate responsibly.

—By CNBC's Jane Wells

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