Kudlow: Can Romney Keep the Mojo Alive?

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By all accounts Mitt Romney emerged on top after Wednesday’s debate. Now can he keep the momentum going all the way into Election Day?

“Mitt Romney politely cleaned Barack Obama’s clock,” said an impressed Larry Kudlow referring to the GOP presidential candidates performance after the first of three Presidential debates.

But Larry Kudlow calls that old news. “The new news is that conservatives see the debate as a game changer. As long as he stays on the offense on tax reform, free enterprise and jobs and growth – he will win!”

And Kudlow argued new poll resultsprove momentum is building for Romney.

Though Americans continue to favor Barack Obama, according to the latest Reuters poll the President’s lead narrowed to 5 percentage points – “a big step in the right direction,” said Larry Kudlow.

And in the same poll Mitt Romney moved ahead of the President on several core issues. Voters now see Romney as a better bet to boost the economy, spur job creation and manage the budget deficit, the poll found.

And he narrowed Obama's advantage on taxes, the Social Security retirement program and the Medicare health insurance program for the elderly and disabled.

"Romney's strong performance could make the race more competitive," pollster Cliff Young said.

"If he has more debates like this, is able to push through his message and target undecideds, we might see movement in voting intention, but he needs a lot more of this," Young said.

“What has to happen now,” added Jennifer Rubin Washington Post's "Right Turn" blog author on The Kudlow Report, “is that Romney had to build on the momentum day after day – what’s happened in the past is that he’s had a few good days and then he’d get off message. Now Romney has to string one good day after another.”

President Obama and Mitt Romney have two more debates before the election.

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