All These Bears Need a ‘Catastrophe’: Tiger's Robertson

Thursday, 1 Nov 2012 | 11:45 AM ET

Worried about the macro problems in Europe and the U.S., investors have become far too bearish, legendary hedge fund manager Julian Robertson told CNBC on Thursday.

"So many people it seems to me are really worried about Europe and a lot of other macro problems in the world and our own fiscal problems that they've almost gotten their portfolios in too bearish a situation, in a situation where the only way they can succeed is for catastrophe," Julian said in an interview on CNBC's "Squawk Box."

Robertson, the founder of Tiger Management, said that U.S. economy is moving along "fairly well," Europe seems to be improving and U.S. fiscal problems are "certainly solvable." (Read More: US Economy Showing Signs of Modest Improvement.)

Appearing in the same interview Emil Henry, CEO of Tiger Infrastructure Partners (associated with Robertson's Tiger), is a bit more downbeat on the economy but expects a Romney victory on Tuesday to jump start economic activity.

The Wall Street Poll For President
Julian Robertson, Tiger Management founder, and Emil Henry, Romney campaign economic adviser, explain why Wall Street should switch allegiance from Obama to Romney

Calling it a "jobless recovery," Henry, a Romney supporter, said that if Romney's elected "I think you'll see an extraordinary turnaround" as some of the uncertainty hanging over the economy dissipates. (Read More: Presidential Campaigns Go Full Tilt After Storm Break.)

"The one thing that investors like to see and must see before capital really flows is certainty as opposed to uncertainty," Henry said. "So if you think through the steps that this president took when he came into office, at almost every turn — and I know I'm a partisan — he created uncertainty."


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