It's a 'Good Time' to Invest: KKR's Roberts

Source: KKR.com

Times of uncertainty are the best times to find investment opportunities, George Roberts, co-CEO of private equity firm Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, told CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Wednesday.

The KKR co-founder said the firm is finding opportunities pretty much around the world today.

"If you look at Europe, where there are banking and currency issues, we're providing capital to the banking system there," said Roberts, who was in Chicago for the Schwab Impact 2012 investor conference. "We're providing capital to the businesses that need it."

KKR is also teaming up with entrepreneurs in China and is investing in the US energy sector.

"Many times when there's uncertainty that's when the best investments come up," he said. "Today, with the uncertainty around the world, it's a pretty good time." (Read more:Fixed Income Outlook )

In the U.S., the uncertainty stems from questions about the future of tax and regulatory policy, which has caused many businesses to pull back. Roberts noted that from the first quarter of 2009 through today, revenue growth at US companies has been 35 percent — greater than the growth rate between 1990 and 2007.

"That should have translated into 30,000 more jobs per month," he said. "But it hasn't because business haven't been willing to hire" with so much uncertainty. (Read More: 'Cliff' Deal Likely Despite 'Dysfunctional Govt.': Mauboussin.)

Roberts told CNBC there isn't an economic recession in the U.S., there's a political recession.

"We have the inability of elected officials to sit in a room and do the people's business," he said. "We need to start acting like adults and doing the right thing for the country."

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