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Mysterious Hedge Fund Gets Even More Mysterious

Mysterious Hedge Fund Gets Even More Mysterious
Photo by: Gert-Martin Greuel

Renaissance Technologies is one of the most mysterious hedge funds in the world.

With over $15 billion in assets, it is one of the largest single trading entities on the planet. Its flagship fund has one of the greatest long-term records in the history of modern financial markets. And almost no one — perhaps not even the folks who run the company's hedge funds — knows how it is done.

And now, the company founded in 1982 by mathematician James Simons is a bit more mysterious.

Mysterious Hedge Fund Gets Even More Mysterious
Source: Google Maps

In the past, when people drove past the hedge fund company's headquarters, they would have seen a sign reading "Renaissance Technologies LLC." (Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. It's the only one I could find.)

That sign is now gone.

In its place is a sign with nothing but an address: 600 RTE 25A. That's the street address of Ren Tech's headquarters in Setauket, N.Y.

Mysterious Hedge Fund Gets Even More Mysterious
Paul Toscano for CNBC

Why the change? Well, of course, I couldn't reach anyone at Ren Tech who was willing to comment.

All we know is that someone, most likely someone at Ren Tech, decided to change the sign. And we'll probably never know who or why.

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