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  • Fed's Kaplan: US tax code need to be updated

    Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan talks about how central policy is changing in advanced economies. They has become more globalized, say Kaplan.

  • Too big to fail not our biggest issue: Fed's Kaplan

    I'm much more worried about the systemic risk that comes from the shadow banking system, says Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan sharing is views on breaking up big banks and why it is important to designate some institutions as SIFIs.

  • Fed's Kaplan: Need big issue discussions

    Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan discusses the Fed's path to normalizing interest rates, and central bank policies. Also Kaplan says there needs to be a discussion on key issues such as aging demographics, high levels of debt to GDP, and immigration.

  • Fed's Kaplan: Consumer will remain strong

    We still believe the underpinnings of solid growth is there, says Dallas Fed President Rob Kaplan, talking to CNBC's Steve Liesman about GDP growth and raising interest rates. Hikes have to be slow and patient, says Kaplan. I think we'll make another move in the not so distant future.

  • A U.S. Border Patrol agent looks along a section of the recently constructed fence at the U.S.-Mexico border.

    There is a scary crackdown on illegal border re-entry happening that no one is talking about, says Julissa Arce.

  • Big task to take leadership of integration: Letta

    Former Italian prime minister, Enrico Letta says we need a “global solution” when it comes to the refugee crisis.

  • Frontex police escort migrants, who are being deported from Lesbos, onto a ferry before it returns to Turkey on April 4, 2016, in Lesbos, Greece.

    An EU plan to stem the flow of refugees began Monday with the deportation of more than 200 people from Greece to Turkey.

  • The trade debate

    Is trade a threat or opportunity? CNBC's Steve Liesman reports the results regarding trade and immigration from the All-America economic survey.

  • Undocumented & climbing the ladder at Goldman Sachs

    Julissa Arce, a former Vice President at Goldman Sachs, tells her story of how she rose in the ranks at the banking company despite her immigration status.

  • Eiffel Tower and apartments

    Millionaires are leaving Europe because of rising religious tension and concerns about the sluggish economy, a wealth analysis expert said.

  • Costly four stages of deportation

    American Action Forum President Doug Holtz-Eakin suggests it could cost America up to $400 billion to deport the country's more than 11 million undocumented immigrants.

  • Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz

    Here's why Trump and Cruz get it wrong when it comes to the Brussels attacks and terrorism, says Prof. David Cortright.

  • Terror's toll on Europe

    Neil Dwane of Allianz Global Investors, Fred Kempe of the Atlantic Council, and CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discuss the implications of growing terror threats in Europe.

  • Border control divide

    CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera reports from Brussels about the growing political tensions in Europe following the attacks in Brussels.

  • Belgian terror suspect named

    Guy Trouveroy, Belgian ambassador to the U.K., discusses the importance of not antagonizing local communities during raids to find terror suspects.

  • A boy plays in a mud puddle at a makeshift camp of the Greek-Macedonian border near the Greek village of Idomeni, on March 8, 2016, where thousands of refugees and migrants are trapped by the Balkans border blockade.

    Greece and the EU scrambled on Sunday to put in place the people and facilities needed to carry out a new deal intended to address the migrant crisis.

  • O'Leary: US is where you can create a growing company

    Kevin O'Leary, O'Shares Investments chairman and "Shark Tank" investor, discusses immigration policy in the U.S. and how it affects entrepreneurship and businesses.

  • European Union negotiators and Turkey reached a provisional deal on Friday to halt illegal migration flows to Europe.

  • Will Turkey solve Europe's migrant crisis?

    Alex White, regional director for Europe at The Economist Intelligence Unit, says the deal between Turkey and the EU is a stopgap solution.

  • Immigrants a key source of entrepreneurs

    Talent is vital to the U.S. start-up economy but workers often require visas in an immigration system that's broken, says Hogan Lee, director of project management at Flipagram.