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  • Protesters demonstrate against U.S. President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration outside the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

    The Supreme Court has almost certainly decided what to do about President Trump's travel ban affecting citizens of six mostly Muslim countries, and will announce their decision no later than late next week.

  • UK won't be able to talk about trade with Eu until other stuff happens

    CNBC's Willem Marx updates from Brussels on the opening tone of divorce talks between the U.K. and the European Union.

  • Look at Merkel, not juncker on where Brexit negotiations go

    Alex Greer, research officer at Open Europe, discusses his broadly optimistic view on the initial Brexit negotiation talks.

  • BRUSSELS— The Latest on the European Union summit:. Poland's prime minister says it is a good sign for the future that France and Central European countries want to seek consensus despite their differences on key issues. Prime Minister Beata Szydlo offered her assessment at a European Union summit in Brussels on Friday.

  • WASHINGTON— President Donald Trump is crediting himself with the idea of building a Mexico border wall of solar panels. Trump's speech in Iowa on Wednesday night was rife with misstatements. And this way, Mexico will have to pay much less money.

  • WASHINGTON— President Donald Trump says the idea of putting solar panels on the wall he wants to build along the Mexico border sprang from his imagination. Trump's speech in Iowa on Wednesday night was rife with misstatements. And this way, Mexico will have to pay much less money.

  • LONDON, June 22- The chairman of Britain's biggest private sector employer, Tesco, has warned that a cap on immigration will have a "materially detrimental effect on the UK economy." Prime Minister Theresa May promised on Wednesday to listen more closely to business concerns about Britain leaving the European Union when she set out a Brexit-focused government...

  • BRUSSELS— The Latest on the European Union summit:. Merkel said at the end of the first day of a two-day EU leaders summit that British Prime Minister Theresa May "said clearly" to her peers that EU citizens who have been living in the U.K. that long "will be able to hold on to full rights" once Britain leaves the bloc. The 27 European Union nations that will still be part of...

  • BRUSSELS— British Prime Minister Theresa May promised Thursday that EU citizens will not be immediately kicked out of Britain when it leaves the union and says their fate will be a top priority in Brexit negotiations— prompting guarded praise from other EU leaders at a tense time for the continent. May laid out benchmarks for the rights of 3 million EU citizens...

  • DENVER— Every day, immigrants are told to clean their living areas in a privately run Colorado detention center or risk being put in solitary confinement. Some also volunteer to do jobs as varied as landscaping, more cleaning and cutting other inmates' hair, but the pay is always the same— $1 a day. Courts view immigration detention not as punishment but as a way to...

  • OIZUMI, Japan, June 21- Japan's nearly 200,000- strong Brazilian immigrant community live in pockets scattered across the middle of the country, clustered around auto parts factories or warehouses where they have jobs. Japan saw a big influx of Brazilian immigrants after it revised immigration laws in 1990 to encourage second- and third-generation...

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook (L) and IBM CEO Ginni Rometty attend the inaugural meeting of the American Technology Council in the Indian Treaty Room at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building next door to the White House June 19, 2017 in Washington, DC.

    Executives like Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Bezos had an opportunity to shape the Trump administration's thinking, Recode reports.

  • Tim Cook told Trump tech employees are 'nervous' about immigration

    Tech employees are "nervous" about the Trump administration's approach on immigration, Tim Cook says.

  • ELKHART, Indiana, June 20- While many politicians, including President Donald Trump, say the United States desperately needs more manufacturing jobs, this small industrial city has more than enough. Thats the case with Brandon Seitz. The rail-thin 32- year-old worked for 12 years on an assembly line at one of the local recreational-vehicle factories that have...

  • World refugee numbers over 65 million: Report

    David Miliband, International Rescue Committee president and CEO, talks about a new United Nations report on the increasing number of displaced people around the world, and weighs in on a likely smooth Brexit transition in the United Kingdom.

  • Willem Marx discusses the upcoming Brexit negotiations between the U.K. and the European Union.

  • MONTPELIER, Vt.— More than two dozen protesters on Monday showed support for two immigrant dairy farmers arrested after marching to a Ben& Jerry's factory to call for better pay and living conditions on farms that provide milk to the ice cream maker. A U.S. Border Patrol spokesman told Vermont Public Radio they were stopped in a routine check a few miles away from...

  • Tech CEOs meet in DC for White House summit

    Clearly taxes and immigration are top issues, says Bradley Tusk, Tusk Ventures CEO providing a preview of the tech agenda as top corporate tech leaders gather at the White House to talk policy.

  • WASHINGTON— Getting nowhere with her father, liberal advocacy groups have been looking for an ally in Ivanka Trump. The most high-profile campaign directed at the president's daughter has come from New York- based China Labor Watch, which has been investigating working conditions at factories in China that have made Ivanka Trump products.

  • AUSTIN, Texas— Though construction is in high demand in Texas' booming capital city, Oscar Martinez's drywall company is suddenly struggling. One-third of the approximately 20 employees Martinez uses to build new homes and commercial spaces have recently fled the state, spooked by a combination of a federal immigration crackdown by the Trump administration...