Industrial Revolution 2.0

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    In sectors of the industrial economy, especially those directly affected by growing global demand, orders cannot be processed fast enough, hiring is rampant, products and services are being cranked out in record amounts and stocks are responding.

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    As Matt Nesto reported, there is a new Industrial Revolution underway, particularly in areas affected by global demand.  Here is a list of those winning the revolution...

  • Mining for Profits

    CNBC's Matt Nesto takes a look at the new industrial revolution in the mining sector.

  • Marshall Larsen, Goodrich

    CNBC's Matt Nesto interviews Marshall Larsen, Goodrich CEO

  • Industrial Revolution 2.0: Aviation

    CNBC's Matt Nesto discusses the booming aerospace business with Marshall Larsen, Goodrich CEO

  • David Crane, NRG Energy

    CNBC's Matt Nesto talks with NRG Energy CEO David Crane

  • The Alternative Revolution

    CNBC takes an in-depth look at the business of alternative energy.

  • Powering Profits

    The hunt for climate-friendly energy sources is generating a big boost to the bottomline at many American companies, with CNBC's Matt Nesto.

  • Industrial Revolution 2.0: Oil

    CNBC's Matt Nesto takes an in-depth look at the booming oil sector.

  • Drilling for Profit

    Looking at the winners in the oil and gas drilling business, with CNBC's Matt Nesto.

  • Louis Raspino, Pride International

    CNBC's Matt Nesto talks with Pride International CEO Louis Raspino about continuing demand for oil drilling operations.

  • Robert Long, Transocean CEO

    CNBC's Matt Nesto talks with Transocean CEO Robert Long about the company's continuing growth.

  • The New Industrial Revolution

    As the US economy struggles, there's one area that is performing like never before - the industrials. CNBC's Matt Nesto has the latest on the new industrial revolution.

  • Michael Sutherland, Joy Global

    CNBC's Matt Nesto interviews Michael Sutherlin, Joy Global CEO

  • Tim Sullivan, Bucyrus

    CNBC's Matt Nesto interviews Tim Sullivan, Bucyrus CEO

  • Charles Brady, BMO analyst

    CNBC's Matt Nesto discusses the new Industrial Revolution with Charles Brady, BMO Capital Markets analyst


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