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  • The Federal Reserve’s implicit comfort zone for inflation is 1% to 2% on core inflation. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has declined to set a specific target, but some believe that may change soon.

  • Sluggish U.S. Economy Could Boost Stocks Monday, 9 Jul 2007 | 3:02 PM ET

    Ned Riley, chief executive officer of Riley Asset Management, told CNBC’s “Street Signs” that he believes a sluggish economy will boost stocks.

  • Merkel Resists Sarkozy Ideas on ECB: Report Sunday, 8 Jul 2007 | 10:09 AM ET

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made it clear to French President Nicolas Sarkozy that Germany will firmly resist any efforts to impinge upon the European Central Bank's independence, Der Spiegel news magazine reported on Sunday.

  • U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez told CNBC’s “Morning Call” that June’s employment report shows the economy can grow without reigniting inflation. ... But he also said the job market underscores the need for immigration reform: “What I hear from companies and small businesses is you either have to give us a legal channel for workers or you’re forcing me to hire illegally or forcing me to go out of business,” Gutierrez said.

  • Food prices around the world are set for a "significant and long-lasting" period of inflation because of a variety of factors, including demand from China and India, Nestle's chairman Peter Brabeck said in an interview with the Financial Times today.

  • Current U.S. interest rate policy should promote a further drop in inflation although risks are still skewed toward higher prices, San Francisco Federal Reserve President Janet Yellen said on Thursday.

  • Modest Market Growth Seen in Second Half Thursday, 5 Jul 2007 | 4:59 PM ET

    Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at Standard & Poor’s, told CNBC’s “Closing Bell” that he expects the S&P 500 to close the year at about 1,550 -- but those taking a more cautious view peg the index at about 1,510.

  • Euro Zone Rates Remain at 4%; U.K. Rates Rise to 5.75% Thursday, 5 Jul 2007 | 9:05 AM ET

    The European Central Bank kept interest rates steady at 4% Thursday, as widely expected.

  • Richard Cripps, managing director of portfolio strategy at Stifel, Nicolaus Capital Markets, told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” that the market is now consolidating and investors should move to quality stocks.

  • Stuart Freeman, chief equity strategist for A.G. Edwards, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” that he believes slow, steady earnings growth will move the market higher.

  • Core Inflation Stays Within Fed's Comfort Zone Friday, 29 Jun 2007 | 10:02 AM ET

    The U.S. personal consumption expenditures price index, excluding food and energy, advanced by 1.9 percent in May from a year earlier, according to a government report on Friday that is likely to give the Federal Reserve some assurance it is making progress in its effort to curb inflation.

  • Euro Inflation Holds Steady at 1.9% Friday, 29 Jun 2007 | 7:15 AM ET

    Inflation in the 13 nations that share the euro held steady at 1.9% in June while business and consumer confidence slipped slightly after soaring a month earlier, the European Commission said Friday.

  • Chinese consumer inflation will average 3.2% this year, exceeding the central bank's target, as gross domestic product growth ticks up to 10.8%, the bank's research department forecaston Friday.

  • Japanese core consumer prices fell slightly as expected in May from a year earlier. Separate data showed the jobless rate remained at a nine-year low of 3.8% in May, while household spending rose 0.4% from the same month a year earlier.

  • Is The Fed Too Focused on Inflation? Economists Split Wednesday, 27 Jun 2007 | 1:00 PM ET

    The Federal Reserve’s two-day meeting on interest rates, inflation and the economy started Wednesday. Is the Fed overly concerned with inflation? Carl Tannenbaum, chief economist at LaSalle Bank, and Paul Kasriel, senior vice president and director of economic research at Northern Trust Company, offered their insights on “Morning Call.”

  • Energy Maven Says Oil, Gasoline Will Keep Rising Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | 5:41 PM ET

    John Kilduff, senior vice president and energy analyst at Man Financial, appeared on CNBC's special "Power Lunch at the Four Seasons" to give his outlook for oil and gasoline -- and to explain why easing tensions in Nigeria haven't made him bearish on either.

  • Deutsche Bank Economist Says Fed Will Hold Steady Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | 3:11 PM ET

    As the Federal Open Market Committee prepares to meet this week, Joseph LaVorgna, chief U.S. economist at Deutsche Bank, joined "Power Lunch" at New York's Four Seasons to discuss inflation, the economy, and how the Fed will react to the subprime mess.

  • Cooperman Sees Stocks Continuing to Rally This Year Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | 2:21 PM ET

    Leon Cooperman, founder of Omega Advisors and former Chair of Goldman Sachs Investment Policy Committee, said he expects stocks to do well the rest of this year and into next year. 

  • Market Pros Give Their Second-Half Outlook for Stocks Monday, 25 Jun 2007 | 11:36 AM ET

    With the second half beginning next week, two market analysts joined "Morning Call" to give their outlook for stocks for the remainder of 2007. Charles Bobrinskoy, vice chairman and director of research at Ariel Capital Management, is "somewhere between cautious and bearish," while Patricia Chadwick, president of Ravengate Partners, "is not as worried."

  • Fed Expected to Be on Hold Amid Inflation Debate: WSJ Thursday, 21 Jun 2007 | 2:46 AM ET

    U.S. Federal Reserve policy makers want to shift their emphasis away from current benign inflation to uncertainty about future price pressures, and are debating whether to stop calling inflation "elevated" in their policy statements, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.