Economic Measures Inflation

  • European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet

    When European Central Bank President Jean Claude-Trichet announces his decision tomorrow on interest rates, investors will be paying far more attention to what he says than what he does.

  • Oil prices keep on soaring, so are supply and demand the real reasons crude continues its climb? CNBC asked the experts for their take.

  • Dollar_Euro_photo_AP.jpg

    The dollar fell against the euro Wednesday after a report showed the U.S. private sector shed more jobs than expected in June, which may diminish the likelihood of a rate increase by the Federal Reserve.

  • United States Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said on Wednesday that high oil prices, further home price declines and capital markets turmoil will prolong the American economy's slowdown.

  • This is a timeline of the European Central Bank's rate decisions from 2007 to date.

  • The world's biggest central banks are pulling in opposite directions and it seems their efforts are only contributing to one thing: a weaker dollar.  Vote for your preferred central banker.

  • There is a risk inflation will "explode" if the European Central Bank does not act decisively to counter it, ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet was quoted on Wednesday as saying.

  • fed_rates.jpg

    The Federal Reserve must "react decisively" to stop inflation from pushing up wages, one of its top policy-makers said Tuesday, dropping a clear hint about the possibility of interest-rate hikes ahead.

  • oz_BlkA.jpg

    Australian retail sales rose well past expectations in May, pointing to consumer resilience in the face of higher living costs and challenging the official view that interest rates were high enough to curb domestic demand.

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  • Dollar and Yen

    The yen rose broadly Tuesday, benefiting from mounting risk aversion as heightened fears of further losses in the banking sector and global stocks prompted investors to sell dollars.

  • manufacturing_new5.jpg

    U.S. factory activity expanded unexpectedly in June but inflation pressures soared, according to a report released Tuesday.

  • Dollar_pileofBills3.jpg

    The dollar's recent declines against the other major currencies are set to reach the final whistle and greenback sellers will have to retreat to the sidelines, David Darst, chief investment strategist of Morgan Stanley Global Wealth Management Group told CNBC Tuesday.

  • RBA.jpg

    Australia's central bank held interest rates steady at a decade high on Tuesday, citing  growing evidence that past hikes were working to cool demand and curb inflation in the long run.

  • China, Chinese Flag

    China's manufacturing sector has lost considerable momentum because of surging costs at home and weak demand from abroad, an official survey showed on Tuesday.

  • Japanese Flag

    Confidence among big Japanese manufacturers fell to a five-year low in June, a central bank survey showed, but the fall was less than expected, hitting Japanese bonds while helping push up shares.

  • If we're going to be asked to swallow this new economic reality, the least we can ask for in return is adequate pay.

  • Dollar and Euro

    The U.S. dollar rebounded against the euro on Monday as traders bought back the U.S. currency as the second quarter ends, but losses in the euro may be limited ahead of an expected rate hike by the ECB this week.

  • Euro zone inflation jumped to a record high of 4.0 percent in June, cementing expectations the European Central Bank will raise interest rates this week despite slowing economic growth.

  • Stocks limped to the finish of an ugly week on Wall Street, with the Dow touching bear territory and the broader market continuing to be battered by a double dose of surging oil and a fresh round of banking troubles.