Transportation Infrastructure


  • An unidentified man waits on his submerged vehicle in the Skagit River on Thursday.

    There may be a way to fix both crumbling U.S. infrastructure and the corporate tax issue.

  • Troubled Bridges In US

    A bridge along I-5 collapsed into the Skagit River in Washington Thursday night. Business Insider reports public construction spending is at its lowest level in more than 20 years. Trying to find a solution, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Former PA Governor Ed Rendell (D).

  • An unidentified man waits on his submerged vehicle in the Skagit River on Thursday.

    The federal government is helping Washington state rebuild a bridge that collapsed after a truck hauling an oversized load of drilling equipment hit an overhead girder.

  • Top States For Business 2013

    CNBC annual Top States for Business is coming up. A look at what is measured in comparing states, with CNBC's Scott Cohn.

  • WA Bridge Collapses, US Falls Apart?

    Several people were hurt when a bridge along I-5 collapsed over the Skagit River in Washington State Thursday night. Discussing the state of American infrastructure, with CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Casey Dinges, American Society of Civil Engineers.

  • Construction in Mumbai, India.

    Private equity investment in Indian infrastructure is poised to pick up following a lengthy dry patch as debt-stressed operators come under pressure from banks to offload assets.

  • How Nutrition Impacts Developing Markets

    Jamie Cooper-Hohn, president and CEO of CIFF, explains the impact poor nutrition has on economic growth and estimates an 11% GDP loss for Africa and south-East Asia due to under-nutrition.

  • Akamai CEO: Making Hack Attacks 'Disappear'

    Tom Leighton, Akamai Technologies CEO, explains how his company plans to improve the infrastructure needed to help customers deliver content faster and more secure on the web.

  • Some workers have their lunch in one of the subway tunnels of the new train line 12 that is under construction and could be open to the public use this year with 20 stations in Mexico city.

    Jakarta will soon receive its first mass transit railway project to help end the gridlock that brings the capital to a near halt during rush hour.

  • Is Debt Destroying America's Superpowers?

    "There's no reason we have to spend on defense at the rates we've had," said Richard Haass, Council On Foreign Relations president, providing insight on how to fix the nation's growing debt burden.

  • This Analyst Says Balfour Beatty Still a Buy

    Andy Brown, analyst at Panmure Gordon, explains why he keeps his buy stance on Balfour Beatty, despite the company issuing a second profit warning in six months.

  • Invest in US Energy Infrastructure: Expert

    Darren Schuringa, managing partner at Yorkville Capital, explains why the U.S. energy boom provides a lot of opportunities, especially in infrastructure assets which offer very good returns.

  • Why a Crisis in China Is Unlikely

    Paul McNamara, investment director at GAM, explains that the Chinese government has a lot more scope to deal with economic troubles and that a full-scale crisis in the country is highly unlikely.

  • Why Chinese Urbanisation is 'Mega Trend'

    Andre Loesekrug-Pietri, chairman and managing partner at A Capital, explains why urbanization is the Chinese "mega trend" and that it offers a lot of opportunities.

  • Why Low Chinese Growth Is a 'Blip'

    James Kynge, principal of China Confidential at the Financial Times, says the disappointing Chinese quarterly growth is a "blip", as funding for construction projects and fixed asset investments remain very strong.

  • A$5.07 Bn Ports Deal To Deliver Revenue Growth: CEO

    Brett Himbury, CEO of Industry Funds Management says the company's deal to acquire two ports in Australia should deliver good revenue growth with expectations for trade activity to pick up.

  • Selim El-Zyr on Operating in Iraq and Iran

    Rotana CEO Selim El-Zyr discusses business opportunities in Iraq and Iran, both of which he says have "huge untapped potential".

  • Jakarta

    Indonesia is seeking investors for $9 billion worth of water, road, air and seaport projects in what will be a litmus test of Southeast Asian countries' ability to seize on ripe financial conditions to upgrade decrepit infrastructure.

  • Credit Rating Upgrade Is 'Landmark Achievement': Philippines

    Cesar Purisima, finance secretary of the Philippines, tells CNBC that the country's credit rating upgrade by Fitch is a "landmark achievement" and says the government will now focus more on infrastructure, fiscal strength and opening up the economy to the rest of the world.

  • 	UK on 'Long, Hard Road to Nowhere': Opposition

    Ed Balls, shadow chancellor, Labour Party, says the UK economy has flatlined and the budget should have gone further on housing and infrastructure investment.