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  • By: Anmar Frangoul, special to

    The city of Munich has set ambitious goals when it comes to renewable, clean electricity. How will it achieve its aims?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Cambridge is a city associated with academic excellence. How is a credit card sized computer developed there revolutionizing education?

  • The thinking behind Raspberry Pi

    What inspired Eben Upton to come up with the idea for the Raspberry Pi?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Could clean, renewable energy from the world's plants provide an innovative solution to our energy needs?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    The Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System is the world's first FDA-approved 'bionic' eye, a piece of technology that is helping the blind to see.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Amsterdam is synonymous with three things: canals, coffee shops and cycling. Could electric transport become the city's next icon?

  • Tokyo is a spellbinding city. Here we take a look at eight innovative companies from the city that have shaped the world we live in.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    In Tokyo, one tall building is helping to change the way we think about schools and how they should look.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    The Swedish city of Malmö is home to a company looking to revolutionize cycle safety with an 'invisible' helmet. How?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    How is Barcelona building on its heritage of creativity to broaden access to cutting edge technologies?

  • By: By Hamza Ali, special to

    A new project that aims to make your Google Street View experience more immersive by crowd-sourcing sounds from around the world.

  • Britons will travel to a spaceport in a driverless car where they could download pictures on 5G networks, according to government plans.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    We take sanitation for granted. How is innovation bringing clean, waterless toilets to the developing world?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Innovation is enabling Brazilian students to study and learn online. How will this help broaden access to the country's best universities?

  • Take a look at 10 of the world's most spectacular and innovative stadiums, many of them used in global sporting events.


  • Los Angeles, California.

    Cities around the world that have embraced technology to tackle their problems – have your say on where in the world is the most innovative.

  • As Manaus shows off its state-of-the-art developments, it has also become a focal point for the controversy surrounding the World Cup.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    How are technology and forward thinking helping to change both the way our children learn, as well as the buildings they learn in?

  • Beach & Howe Tower, Vancouver, Canada © BIG & Glessner
    By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Lack of space in major cities is forcing architects to come up with new housing solutions. We take a look at some of the most innovative.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Innovations in education are transforming the way our children learn. What will classrooms of the future look like?

  • If a city wants to show off, it builds a skyscraper. We look at ten of the world's most innovative and awe inspiring to date.

  • With over half the world's population now aged under 30, some cities are better than others at catering for young people. Where would you live?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Poll: With over half the world's population now aged under 30, some cities are better than others at catering for young people. Where would you live?

  • Schaft S-One at Darpa Robotics Challenge

    A growing network of robotics manufacturers are working hard to help integrate machines into defense and law enforcement organizations.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    With cities growing rapidly, great strain is being placed on healthcare. How is innovation helping to lower costs and make patients better?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Singapore is one of the most forward thinking cities when it comes to sustainability, and now other Asian cities are looking to it for inspiration.

  • What makes one of Asia's greenest cities tick

    In the course of rapid urbanization, environmental issues often take a back seat. This city in Asia however, has managed to balance growth and sustainability.

  • A wind park can be seen as morning breaks in Copenhagen
    By: Holly Ellyatt and Anmar Frangoul

    Copenhagen's high-tech industries are poised to boost Denmark's economy as the capital sets its sights on innovation and green living.

  • In our ongoing coverage of innovative cities, CNBC's Louisa Bojesen gets behind the operations of a Danish company that gives total control to the eyes.

  • The new Kinect uses a 1080p color camera and an active infrared camera to allow for precise movement tracking.
    By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Advances in technology mean that we'll soon be able to connect with friends and loved ones in vivid, 'almost real' video calls.

  • What China can learn from Singapore sustainability

    Liu Thai-Ker, chairman of the advisory board of the Centre for Liveable Cities, says China can learn lessons from Singapore on how to create sustainable cities.

  • Singapore's future as a sustainable city

    Henry Steed, principle design director at ICN Design International, says investing in sustainable infrastructure now will provide good returns in the long term.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Technology is improving the lives of amputees, enabling them to move prosthetic limbs just by thinking. How?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    How are authorities in the Basque Country using technology to care for ageing, chronically ill patients?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    How are technology and the internet making our domestic lives more intuitive, productive and, perhaps most importantly, cost effective?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    The way our children learn is changing. How are advances in technology helping them broaden their educational horizons?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    How is cutting edge surveillance technology enabling authorities around the world to prevent - and react to - criminal activity?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    How is today's technology warning us of potential health risks, and helping to save lives in critical emergencies?

  • An economics prize looks to ease Britain's housing crunch by challenging entrants to come up with a new garden city design.

  • Construction on the Crossrail project in London
    By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    How are London and Guangzhou, China, planning for the public transport challenges of the future?

  • Formula One Singapore Grand Prix on September 22, 2013.

    Singapore is a great example of a 'smart nation' and that was highlighted during the F1 race in September, says one expert.

  • Traffic in Beijing.
    By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    With congestion a problem for cities all over the world, could making public transport free ease gridlock and help the environment?

  • As the world population grows and worries about dwindling resources and climate change rise, solutions for a more sustainable city are emerging.

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Using technology and architecture, Hamburg and Songdo are two cities striving to be sustainable - what makes them so special?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    With urban space at a premium, how is Building Information Modeling (BIM), being used to design and plan sustainable cities of the future?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Our cities are getting bigger, with pollution a real problem - how can citizens create environments where nature and concrete co-exist?

  • By: Anmar Frangoul | Special to

    Security is a huge concern in cities throughout the world: how are police using technology to predict where crimes are going to take place?

  • Meet the software that could change construction

    CNBC's Tom Mackenzie explores the latest technology when it comes to building the places that most of us across the globe call home.

  • Using surveillance to make cities safer

    In the final episode of our theme week on 'Innovation Cities,' Tom Mackenzie takes a look at the new technology designed to help make us all more secure.

  • CNBC's Tom Mackenzie sets out to find out what's being done to get city dwellers around quickly, cheaply and with the least impact on the environment.

  • How are apps making our homes smarter?

    How are apps making our homes smarter, more intuitive, and cost effective?

  • Consequences of greater security infrastructure

    Ayesha Khanna, Director of the Hybrid Reality Institute, a research and advisory group that focuses on the evolution of technology, explains why increased city surveillance is essential.

  • Rising demand for health & fitness apps

    Jonathan Collins, Principal Analyst at technology market research firm, ABI Research discusses health apps.

  • How to future-proof cities

    Prof Dr Uwe Krueger, CEO of Atkins, discusses future-proofing major cities.

  • The rise of health apps

    As cities tackle pollution through regulation, new technology is helping city residents keep a personal track on their health.

  • Transportation connectivity critical for cities

    Aide Tomer, Senior Research Associate, Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution says city planners can't keep building roads to solve congestion issues.

  • In the first part of our themed week on Innovation Cities, CNBC's Tom Mackenzie takes a look at what's being done right now to make our cities more sustainable.

  • The challenges in China's urbanization path

    John Fitzgerald, CEO, Asia Pacific at the Urban Land Institute discusses Beijing's urbanization progress as investors anticipate land reforms from the Third Plenum meeting.

  • Are sustainable cars the future?

    Peter Lindlahr, managing director at hySolutions, discusses sustainable cars and how they can be used to help the environment.

  • Hamburg leads the way in sustainable cities

    Wolfgang Schmidt, state secretary for the City of Hamburg, discusses what makes Hamburg a leading sustainable city.

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