Enterprise Innovation


  • MUNICH, March 16- German carmaker BMW said it will focus on electric vehicles and automated driving and develop its software and technology services as part of a new strategy for the 100- year-old carmaker. "We are leading BMW Group into a new era," Chief Executive Harald Krueger told journalists at BMW's annual results news conference. BMW Group aims to achieve a...

  • Self-driving cars held back by laws

    Technology is moving faster than the laws that govern the road, reports CNBC's Phil LeBeau.

  • vintage Atari cartridges and console on display at the 2014 E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo.

    The future of gaming could have benefits beyond mere entertainment, a gaming industry pioneer told CNBC Monday.

  • A worker demonstrates a mobile payment system at the Visa stand at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last February.

    Is a cashless society simply a matter of spreading disruptive technologies like mobile wallets?

  • Chris Coons, U.S. Senator

    Sen. Chris Coons outlines several common sense policies that Congress can enact to ensure the U.S. remains competitive in the global economy.

  • LONDON, March 7- European regulators launched a new scheme on Monday to speed the approval of promising new drugs that address unmet medical needs by offering enhanced support to medicine developers as they work on clinical trials. In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration has introduced a successful "breakthrough" designation, which has speeded...

  • *Regular mobile phone upgrades highlight challenge for carmakers. GENEVA, March 2- Carmakers are devising new ways to keep pace with fast-moving trends and innovation in the consumer electronics that have become increasingly important to car buyers, executives at the Geneva motor show said. Yet executives at the Geneva show say car product cycles will not...

  • WASHINGTON, March 2- A wing of the U.S. Department of Energy focused on breakthrough technologies may soon give billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's most recent foray into energy storage a run for its money, the unit's director said. Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, or ARPA-E, which funds projects meant to transform energy markets, has made huge...

  • NEW YORK, March 1- AT&T Inc on Tuesday said it will roll out three new ways to stream DIRECTV content on wireless and wired devices from smartphones to PCs, targeted at price-conscious U.S. viewers who shun pricey cable and satellite subscriptions. The Dallas, Texas- based wireless provider said it expects to launch the three offerings in the fourth quarter of 2016.

  • GRAND FORKS, N.D., Feb 29- In a basement lab of a North Dakota research center, Beth Kurz and an assistant are peering through a scanning electron microscope, studying samples from the state's vast Bakken shale oil formation. The University of North Dakota's Energy and Environmental Research Center where Kurz works has hired 20 more researchers and lab...

  • *SUV launch at Geneva show reveals new development pattern. Its concept for the Geneva car show will be the first vehicle the Volkswagen brand develops under a new, decentralised system designed to emulate rival BMW, which has a track record of quickly and efficiently getting new cars to market. VW will present the concept version of an entry-level...

  • HOUSTON, Feb 26- If a crisis is a terrible thing to waste, the oil industry sees the Paris climate accord not as a death knell, but an opportunity to innovate and even grow. While the landmark emissions-reduction agreement among 195 countries late last year was seen as a defeat for fossil fuel producers, executives and oil ministers sounded a clarion call this week...

  • Cramer: There's no right to privacy

    CNBC's Jim Cramer shares his view on Apple CEO Tim Cook's response to the court order asking the tech company to help the FBI access the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Cramer weighs in on "the illusion of privacy" in regards to the Apple-FBI battle.

  • Small biz in focus: Daymond John

    Daymond John, FUBU founder, discusses how the "Shark Tank" has changed the way he thinks about the way the entrepreneur economy operates.

  • Time to 'unbundle' college degree?

    Michael Horn, Entangled Solutions, shares his goal to customize college education while trimming tuition costs.

  • BARCELONA, Feb 23- China's Lenovo Group is ready to break into mature markets this summer with the launch of its new smartphone which sports' augmented reality' features developed under Google's Tango project, its chief executive said on Tuesday. The device, which was announced at the 2016 CES consumer electronics show in Las Vegas in January, will launch in July,...

  • Smartwatches are a winning formula: Brod

    Jon Brod, AOL Ventures and Confide co-founder, weighs in on Fitbit's earnings and the wearables sector, including competition from the Apple Watch.

  • Mobile's next frontier includes 360 video

    CNBC's Jon Fortt provides highlights of this year's hot topics at the Mobile World Congress, including virtual reality and connected cars. Also Fortt shares what he is hearing about Bill Gates backing the FBI's iPhone hacking request.

  • Building tech start-ups

    Brent Hoberman, co-founder of Founders Factory, Made.com and lastminute.com, discusses the advantages of being based in London.

  • Intel CEO bets on 5G

    Intel CEO Brian Krzanich shares his view of the government asking for help from Apple to access the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters; the future of 5th generation wireless systems, or 5G, and connected systems via the cloud, at the Mobile World Congress, with CNBC's Jon Fortt.