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Enterprise Innovation


  • Nokia launches virtual reality camera Wednesday, 29 Jul 2015 | 3:58 AM ET

    HELSINKI, July 29- Finland's Nokia, once the world's largest phone maker, has unveiled a spherical camera designed for making 3 D movies and games that can be watched and played with virtual reality headsets. Nokia is going through restructuring after selling its mobile phone business to Microsoft last year and following that up with a proposed 15.6 billion...

  • Star architect Moshe Safdie's latest creation Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 | 12:00 PM ET
    Star architect Moshe Safdie's latest creation

    On a tour of his latest Singapore residential project, star architect Moshe Safdie told CNBC how he ensured that each apartment owner got a great view of their community.

  • Ventures into women-led startups Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 | 8:16 AM ET
    Ventures into women-led startups

    Women don't get the access they need, says Susan Lyne, BBG Ventures president, discussing investing in women-led technology startups.

  • DETROIT, July 28- Ford Motor Co on Tuesday reported second-quarter earnings that handily beat expectations, based on the continued strength of North American sales, led by its popular F-150 pickup truck. Operating profit totaled nearly $2.6 billion in North America, a company record for any quarter, and was linked to better pricing on new product launches, said...

  • Dissecting big pharma's numbers: Pro Tuesday, 28 Jul 2015 | 7:44 AM ET
    Dissecting big pharma's numbers: Pro

    Barbara Ryan, Clermont Partners, breaks down Pfizer and Merck's quarterly results and shares her outlook on the pharmaceutical sector.

  • ROCHESTER, N.Y.— Rochester, whose fortunes have risen and fallen with the demand for futuristic technologies from former powerhouses like Xerox and Kodak, is looking for its next big breakthrough in the field of integrated photonics, a light science with the potential to transform communications, medicine and national defense. "You've gone from making Brownie...

  • LONDON, July 24- AstraZeneca is dipping its toe in the biosimilars market, as a way to make future cancer drug cocktails more affordable, by linking with a Japanese group to develop a copy of Roche's blockbuster medicine Avastin. FKB-- itself a tie-up between Fujifilm and Kyowa Hakko Kirin-- commenced a Phase I clinical trial of its copy of Avastin, called FKB238, in...

  • Outricking cancer through immunotherapy: JUNO CEO

    Hans Bishop, Juno Therapeutics CEO, discusses advances made in immunotherapy to treat cancers and other types of tumors by using the body's immune system to defend itself.

  • 3D printing: Revolutizing prosthetics and sports Friday, 24 Jul 2015 | 7:46 AM ET
    3D printing: Revolutizing prosthetics and sports

    Eric Marcal, Adaptive Sport athlete; Jeff Erenstone, Create Prosthetics founder, and Andres Bastian, Autodesk, discuss how 3D technology is revolutionizing the health care and sports equipment industry.

  • 3D printed Cobra, check out this car... Friday, 24 Jul 2015 | 6:43 AM ET
    3D printed Cobra, check out this car...

    Jordan Brandt, Autodesk tech futurist, and Lonnie Love, Ph.D, Oakridge National Labs, discuss the process of what the industry calls "additive manufacturing." We're going big, fast and cheap, says Love.

  • WASHINGTON— Dozens of countries have agreed to abolish duties on more than 200 technology products— from advanced computer chips to GPS devices, printer cartridges and video-game consoles. The agreement announced Friday marks the World Trade Organization's first tariff-killing deal in 18 years. "Today's agreement is a landmark," said WTO director-general...

  • July 23- Switzerland's Roche is lining up more new drugs to drive sales in a two-year window before cheap copycats of its biotech medicines hit the market, including a promising cancer immunotherapy it hopes to launch by late 2016.. The shares rose 1.1 percent by 0920 GMT on Thursday, with Deutsche Bank analyst Tim Race describing the results as "a modest positive."

  • Add to the list Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, who announced on Monday that he plans to spend $100 million to explore the idea. "It's the most interesting technological question of our day," Milner said in an interview, noting that he became fascinated by the notion of extra-terrestrial life after reading astrophysicist Carl Sagan's "Intelligent Life in the...

  • NEW YORK, July 16- A U.S. judge ruled on Thursday that online television service FilmOn X LLC should be treated like a traditional cable system in order to transmit the programs of the nation's broadcasters over the Internet. District Judge George Wu in Los Angeles said in his ruling that FilmOn X is entitled to a compulsory license under the Copyright Act to...

  • Hackers love 'Mr. Robot' Tuesday, 14 Jul 2015 | 4:56 PM ET
    Hackers love 'Mr. Robot'

    USA Network's "Mr. Robot" depicts a man as a cybersecurity engineer by day, and a hacker by night. Star of the show Rami Malek, discusses his take on the meaning of the show, and how he prepared for the role.

  • Singapore Q2 GDP misses expectations Monday, 13 Jul 2015 | 11:43 PM ET
    Singapore Q2 GDP misses expectations

    Jalil Rasheed, Investment Director, Head Of Singapore Office, Invesco, says he's not too concerned about the quarterly data prints given Singapore's transition to knowledge from manufacturing.

  • TCS CEO: Happy with Q1 results Friday, 10 Jul 2015 | 12:34 AM ET
    TCS CEO: Happy with Q1 results

    N Chandrasekaran, CEO & MD at TCS, discusses the 13 percent rise in first-quarter net profit on the back of strong demand from North America and a pick-up in its digital segment.

  • PARIS, July 8- Italian luxury label Fendi made its haute couture debut with an "haute fourrure" or high fur collection in Paris on Wednesday as a group of animal rights activists protested outside. Security in front of the Theatre des Champs Elysees was tight ahead of the runway show of mainly fur coats, capes and stoles, designed by Fendi creative director Karl...

  • Transmitting electricity through the air Wednesday, 8 Jul 2015 | 3:31 PM ET
    Transmitting electricity through the air

    Securing America's Future Energy holds a contest where Momentum Dynamics pitches their plan to make America more energy independent.

  • Bringing chargers to the car Wednesday, 8 Jul 2015 | 3:30 PM ET
    Bringing chargers to the car

    Securing America's Future Energy holds a contest where FreeWire Technologies pitches their plan to make America more energy independent.