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  • Evan Williams: Huge Demand for Twitter Ads Monday, 27 Sep 2010 | 4:37 PM ET

    I caught up with the CEO of Twitter from the annual Advertising Week conference in Manhattan; he tells us demand for Twitter's ads is far outpacing the company's supply. Williams says that not only are more companies looking to advertise on Twitter, but each company also wants to spend more on ads.

  • Lessons from Blockbuster's Demise Monday, 27 Sep 2010 | 1:26 PM ET
    Sonny Steward, left, Amanda Steward, right, and Alma Gonzales, back to camera, prepare DVD's to be mailed from Blockbuster Inc.'s distribution center in Dallas

    Blockbuster was doomed to failure the moment Netflix came along: that's one narrative arc that has been appearing ever since the video rental giant started staggering. And it's gained not a little traction since Blockbuster's bankruptcy filing last week. Which is a shame, because it happens to be untrue.

  • AOL's Tim Armstrong: Bullish on Devil Ads Monday, 27 Sep 2010 | 1:12 PM ET

    We caught up with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong at Advertising Week where he's pitching his new "Devil Ads" platform. The new Devil ads are bigger and more interactive, with more video —Armstrong says he expects them to be far more effective.

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  • Computer Attacks Linked to Wealthy Group or Nation Sunday, 26 Sep 2010 | 6:42 PM ET

    A powerful computer code attacking industrial facilities around the world, but mainly in Iran, probably was created by experts working for a country or a well-funded private group, analysts said.

  • Worm Hits Computers of Staff at Iran Nuclear Plant Sunday, 26 Sep 2010 | 8:28 AM ET

    A complex computer worm capable of seizing control of industrial plants has affected the personal computers of staff working at Iran's first nuclear power station weeks before the facility is to go online, the official news agency reported Sunday. 

  • Malware Hits Computerized Industrial Equipment Saturday, 25 Sep 2010 | 10:32 AM ET

    The technology industry is being rattled by a quiet and sophisticated malicious software program that has infiltrated factory computers, the New York Times reports.

  • Iran's Nuclear Agency Trying to Stop Computer Worm Saturday, 25 Sep 2010 | 9:51 AM ET

    Iran's nuclear agency is trying to combat a complex computer worm that has affected industrial sites throughout the country and is capable of taking over power plants, Iranian media reports said.

  • Cisco Systems chairman and CEO John Chambers speaks during a press event at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Cisco chief executive John Chambers has a new stimulus plan for America—one guaranteed to create hundreds of billions of dollars in cash flow without costing the taxpayer a single dollar in new spending.

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  • Facebook Fixes Service Disruption Glitch Friday, 24 Sep 2010 | 3:40 AM ET

    Facebook experienced technical difficulties on Thursday that slowed its website to a crawl or blocked off access for some of its 500 million users, a glitch that has since been resolved.

  • Facebook Hit by Outages; Users Report Problems Thursday, 23 Sep 2010 | 4:57 PM ET

    Facebook users trying to log in the social networking site were greeted by error messages as the site was hit by outages Thursday.

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Zuckerberg is a product of public schools and the elite Phillips Exeter Academy, but none of his schooling took place in New Jersey. So why Newark? Why now?

  • gift_card_rack_200.jpg

    A new study conducted by RSR Research and sponsored by CashStar, a digital gifting and incentives company, suggests giving a digital gift card is not as easy as it could be. In fact a look at the 100 largest Internet retailers found that half didn't even allow customers to send a gift card by email.

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive and a founder of Facebook, has agreed to donate $100 million to improve the long-troubled public schools in Newark.

  • What's On: Timken, Housing and the GOP's 'Contract' Thursday, 23 Sep 2010 | 7:51 AM ET

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  • Valuing Netflix in a Post-Blockbuster World Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 | 7:25 PM ET

    And get Cramer’s latest on three other game-changing tech companies.

  • Home for the Holidays Will Cost You Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 | 2:53 PM ET
    Stranded airline passengers

    With more travelers taking to the air and airlines still reluctant to add flights, you can go home for the holidays, but it will cost you. Airfare during the Thanksgiving holiday is averaging about 10 percent higher than a year ago, while travel in December may be even higher, according to research from online travel agency Travelocity.

  • Beyond NBC Universal: Comcast Talks Growth Wednesday, 22 Sep 2010 | 2:34 PM ET

    Despite plenty of talk about consumers ditching their cable service, Angelakis says he's not concerned about customers "cutting the cord."

  • The long slow demise of Blockbuster that will culminate with an imminent bankruptcy filing provides another example of how the failure to effectively respond to changes in the distribution of content can doom an enterprise.