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  • Netflix

    Netflix is a high-growth name that is “starting to finally show some chinks,” Blake Bath, CEO of Bay Bridge Capital Management, a tech, media, telecom fund that typically invests in cash-rich companies, told CNBC Thursday.

  • startrek_forsale_300.jpg

    Market watchers are always looking for a sign of capitulation, that the economy has hit rock bottom. This may be the clearest sign yet that we've touched down.

  • Woman talking on a phone working on a laptop.

    One of the original investors in Japan’s second-largest social media company, Gree, says investors are too focused on ‘old Japan’ – the Toshibas, Sonys, Toyotas – that made Japan what it is today. Instead, he believes, they need to focus much more on the country’s fast growing sectors such as the Internet in order to get bigger returns.

  • When Will Facebook Go Public?

    CNBC's Jon Fortt has the latest details on Facebook's IPO date and Yahoo's board meeting.

  • Herb's Disaster Du Jour: Zillow

    CNBC's Herb Greenberg reports the online real estate company's stock dropped a bit today but is still up seventy-five percent since its IPO.

  • Break Your Own Rules

    The stats tell us that women are faring worse than men in terms of landing new jobs as the economy creaks into recovery.

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    We’re entering an era where outsized egos are a warning sign of impending failure. Fail to keep yours in check and the only thing you’ll be leading is the search for a new job.

  • Probing Ebay

    CNBC's Tyler Mathisen reports on a Justice Department investigation into Ebay employees who allegedly misappropriated confidential information from the classified ad service, Craig's List..

  • Windows 8 Software Released

    Microsoft kicked off its developers conference Tuesday with a preview of its new Windows 8 operating system. CNBC's Brian Goode has the details.

  • Apple's Third Co-Founder

    Apple's third co-founder has no regrets after leaving Apple early on and selling his 10 percent stake for $800. Discussing his new book, "Adventures of an Apple Founder," with Ronald Wayne.

  • CEOs - even fired CEOs don’t have the luxury of publicly undermining a company or its board.

  • When bad things happen to you and your career - it's up to you to take the initiative to control the story and protect your brand.

  • Techcrunch

    Like newspapers, portals like AOL and Yahoo are confronting the cold fact that there is less general interest in general interest news. Readers have peeled off into verticals of information — TMZ for gossip, Politico for politics and Deadspin for sports, and so on. The New York Times reports.

  • Threat of Cyber Crime

    Angela Tucci, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy Officer at Symantec says that the danger of cyber crime is growing quickly.

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    Employers are understandably concerned about social networking on the job. They’re losing sleep—I know because they tell me. In their eyes, the combination of work plus social media is a lose-lose. It’s a time suck for your sales guy to be social stalking a crush. Tagging photos is a big work distraction. But are these the real reasons behind businesses’ ban of online chatter?

  • yahoo_HQ5.jpg

    Yahoo has hired UBS and Allen and Co. to help it navigate a period in which it is dealing with an activist shareholder and trying to determine ways it can enhance value, according to people close to the company. While the investment banks have not been hired to try and find buyers for the company, they will also help the board navigate any offers, should any arise.

  • Yahoo landed back on the Fast trader's radar after Third Point's Dan Loeb bought up shares and slammed the board. So is now the time to jump in on the Internet giant?

  • need_job_200.jpg

    Americans are finding it tough to land a job.  Or are they finding it tough to land a job they want?

  • M&A Activity: What Walmart Wants

    CNBC's Kayla Tausche has the story on Wal-Mart Stores eyeing growth through acquisition, with Asher Edelman, Edelman Arts, who also discusses the business of art.

  • Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz

    Carol Bartz’s blunt statement that she had been fired from her post as CEO of Yahoo immediately ignited a debate regarding whether her email brought more transparency to corporate America or was merely an unprofessional tirade, the New York Times reports.