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  • People visiting Huawei Technologies booth display of its product during CommunicAsia 2010 conference and exhibtion show in Singapore.

    As Chinese companies enter into more sophisticated businesses, security concerns make telecommunications a delicate industry in the United States. The NYT reports.

  • Los Angeles, CA

    California Controller John Chiang has finally launched his long-expected website which details the salaries of city and county workers throughout California. The statistics also reveal when employees can retire and how much of their salaries they will continue to earn, as well as contributions to their pensions and healthcare.

  • watching_tv_200.jpg

    Google TV is trying to sell the idea of television integrated seamlessly with the web. It's about time.

  • amazon_kindle_books_new_200.jpg

    Amazon just issued a news release reading, " Customers Now Buying More Bestsellers on Kindle Than Paperbacks and Hardcovers Combined—At a Rate of 2 to 1."

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  • And this company makes sure they have it. Here is Cramer’s latest tech spec buy.

  • Tony Hawk

    What is new with Tony Hawk?  A new skatepark in his home, book and video game.  The world's best-known skateborder retired at age 31 and became a mogul.

  • wii_150.jpg

    Two years ago, Nintendo could do no wrong. The Wii was at the height of its retail domination and competitors were scrambling for second place. Today it’s a much different story and the looming holiday season could be a crucial one that determines the strength – and perhaps the future - of the company’s core console business.

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    The online retail giant turned in quarterly results that both rose and outpaced what Wall Street was expecting, but its costs rose even faster, and its shares fell nearly 5 percent.

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  • ebay_HQ1.jpg

    The online retailer and auction site turned in a quarterly profit and revenue that both beat expectations, pushing the shares higher in the late trading session.

  • Woman on her laptop in a cafe.

    Several recent surveys are pointing in one direction: there will be big opportunities for retailers this holiday season online. More and more often consumers are starting their shopping online giving retailers a chance to win a customer.

  • Scene from the Macbook Air ad.

    For the third time this year, reporters, analysts and the ever-faithful are gathering in Cupertino, California—home of Apple and where the company is hosting an event focusing on Mac computers.

  • Twitter

    A new report finds that social media has a huge impact on buying habits. A full 45 percent of consumers check with friends on the likes of Facebook before they buy.

  • Fox blocked shows on Hulu on Saturday.

    In disputes between television programmers and distributors, the new battleground is the Internet. The NYT reports.

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  • Yahoo!'s headquarters in California.

    The internet search and advertising giant turned in a profit that surpassed investors' expectations, but its shares moved lower as the company's revenue missed forecasts.

  • Apple iPhone 4

    Apple stock is trading lower after iPad and iPod numbers came in lower than Wall Street's sky-high expectations, but it turns out there are more important truths to glean from Apple's conference call.