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  • The co-founder spotted some unusual activity in this stock. What's he seeing?

  • panasonic_jungle_200.jpg

    Seventeen years ago, Panasonic tried to break into the video game industry, lasting only three years before it was forced out. Now it’s ready to try again.

  • In a special report from Gartner, the Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle highlights a number of notable trends and transformative technologies, including the increasing hype surrounding media tablets, augmented reality and private cloud computing.

  • See what's happening, who's talking and what will be making headlines on Friday's Squawk on the Street.

  • Tim Seymour, founder of, talks US stocks that are getting into emerging markets around the world.

  • iPad

    Hold your horses, people. It’s far from certain that Apple’s going to sell 45 million iPads in 2011, as Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White has suggested.

  • The "Fast Money" traders give their calls on Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and more.

  • apple_tv_with_tv_2010_200.jpg

    At this point, the future of TV is still up in the air, if not over the air. But already, all kinds of on-demand variations are available in the form of set-top boxes.

  • email_blackberry_200.jpg

    Technology has become so entwined with college students' often frantic lives that most in a new survey say they'd be more frazzled without it.

  • New York Stock Exchange

    With the Dow currently approaching 11,000, emotions are running high that the “good old days” are back. This sentiment is generally based on a perspective that if the market goes up, all is well with the underlying economy...well maybe not this time.

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  • Facebook

    The biggest change for users may be the introduction of a new group functionality — making it easier for users to set up and participate with groups, with chat and e-mail lists.

  • Dave Grohl

    In what may be the most hilarious spoof of America's obsession with victimization and litigation, Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl is "suing" glam rock band Scissor Sisters for $75 million.

  • Cramer explains whether there's still money to be made in OpenTable.

  • amazon_kindle_200.jpg

    Today's NY Times article, "2 E-Books Cost More Than Amazon Hardcovers" has readers wondering - is this the beginning of the end for buying cheap ebooks?

  • The growing popularity of online radio may be opening a mixed bag of sorts for Sirius XM shareholders even though its stock hit a 52-week high today.

  • 'This sector is probably better than people think. And if you look at the valuations, things have gotten very cheap, there is a lot of negativity around the group—but fundamentally the drivers are in place,' Nomura's Michael Nathanson told CNBC.

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  • NBC

    The Federal Communications Commission is requesting additional information from Comcast and NBC Universal as it reviews the cable operator's plan to acquire a controlling stake in the media company.

  • Twitter

    Twitter's COO, Dick Costolo, is stepping up to take on the role of CEO. He joined Twitter in September 2009, and has taken the lead on Twitter's advertising deals: he's the one who announced "Promoted Tweets" and "Promoted Trends" last spring.