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  • Stocks, Sentiment Soar

    Should investors turn up the fear gauge in the rally?

  • Hugo Chavez

    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has died after a protracted battle with cancer. He was 58.

  • Taking Stock: Then vs. Now

    Comparing today's market and macro data to figures in 2007, with the Fast Money team. Meanwhile Louise Yamada, Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors, explains what's really driving the rally.

  • Bull Versus Bear

    Jack Bouroudjian, of Bull and Bear Partners, and Michael Gayed, of Pension Partners, battle it out over the drivers of the Dow Jones' market rally and its implications for fundamentals going forward.

  • Dow Hits Record High

    All major US indexes are up more than 100% since March 9, 2009, with the Fast Money traders. Meanwhile Don Yacktman, Yacktman Asset Management, explains whether the bull's stamina is here to stay.

  • Fast Money, March 5, 2013

    CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders discuss the day's top trades and the stocks they'll be watching Wednesday.

  • market-insider-stocks-to-watch-AB-200.jpg

    Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell Tuesday:

  • Mario Draghi

    There were hints of good news in the latest euro zone economic reports, but this strategist is keeping a wary eye on the European Central Bank meeting.

  • Talking Numbers: Dow vs. Nasdaq 100

    Which index is a better buy: the Dow or the Nasdaq 100? Checking the charts, with Jeff Kilburg, KKM Financial and Abigail Doolittle, The Seaport Group.

  • Dow's Record & 'The Wealth Effect'

    How does the American consumer react to when markets rally to new highs? CNBC's Steve Liesman and financial economist Lindsay Piegza, discuss.

  • Closing Bell Exchange: Dow Sets Record High

    The Dow surpassed its record intraday high today. Where the markets stand, with Michael Santoli, Yahoo Finance; Joe Greco, Meridian Equity Partners; Carol Roth, CNBC Contributor; Andres Garcia-Amaya, JPMorgan Funds; and CNBC's Rick Santelli.

  • From a FedEx delivery guy to a referee, there are few characters Jim Cramer won't play! Here are eight of his craziest getups to commemorate the eighth anniversary of "Mad Money."

  • We "suspect a drop is now likely to unfold over the next several months," Piper analysts said, adding that their full-year forecast is for a "hop, a drop and a pop."

  • Chinese Yuan

    Movements of the yuan are fairly solid indicators of the fluctuations of other Asian currencies, and these strategists are reading the tea leaves.

  • Douglass Kass

    After Apple shares pushed higher in trading Tuesday, Doug Kass of Seabreeze Partners admits he might have had the stock all wrong.

  • Market Outlook: Dividends, the Fed & Stock Picks

    Discussing dividend paying stocks, and the state of the stock market, with Matt McCormick, Bahl & Gaynor Investment Counsel; Steve Massocca, Wedbush Securities; and CNBC's Herb Greenberg.

  • Dow Hits Record, Market Disconnect?

    Discussing whether there is a disconnect between the markets and the economy, with Michael Ryan, UBS and Komal Sri-Kumar, Sri-Kumar Global Strategies.

  • Tech Check From the Nasdaq

    CNBC's Seema Mody reports the Nasdaq is trading above its key resistance level of 3,200. Apple is the best performing tech stock on the Nasdaq 100 since the dot com crash.

  • Historic Day on Wall Street

    Mad Money's Jim Cramer shared his opinion on the Dow's record intraday high, saying "there's a lot of guys left out of the center." Dan Greenhaus, BTIG and Kenny Polcari, O'Neil Securities, weighs in.

  • Fed Driving the Rally?

    With stocks hitting an all-time high today, is the Fed really driving the rally as many people believe? Catherine Keating, JPMorgan, shares her opinions.