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  • Two bearish trades on two wildly different companies. That more or less sums up last Friday’s Options Action, where the market’s recent rally took a back seat to some decidedly downbeat views on our show.

  • Herbalife Shares Falter Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 12:00 PM ET
    Herbalife Shares Falter

    The FMHR traders discuss the current state of the economy and the trade on Herbalife since David Einhorn questioned the company's disclosure. Stephen Weiss, Short Hills Capital; and CNBC's Bertha Coombs and Herb Greenberg weigh in.

  • Herbalife Shares Halted Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 11:52 AM ET
    Herbalife Shares Halted

    CNBC's Bertha Coombs reports that Herbalife shares have halted.

  • Can a Bionic ARM Still Pay Off? Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 11:46 AM ET

    Anyone holding their breath on the hopes that software giant Microsoft will once again dominate the tech sector as it did in the mid-to-late 90s should also consider investing in some scuba gear to find that ship that has long sailed — if not sunken entirely.

  • Losey: Should You Sell in May and Go Away? Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 11:32 AM ET
    NYSE traders floor

    An old stock market dictum says that spring is for profit-taking, or at least a time to reduce your exposure to equities.

  • Santelli's Morning Bond Update Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 9:15 AM ET
    Santelli's Morning Bond Update

    CNBC's Rick Santelli discusses the latest action in the bond market.

  • UK Lawmakers Rip Rupert Murdoch Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 9:05 AM ET
    UK Lawmakers Rip Rupert Murdoch

    UK lawmakers find huge failure of corporate governance at News Corp. CNBC's Kayla Tausche reports.

  • Futures Waver Ahead of Economic Reports Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 8:41 AM ET

    U.S. stock index futures pointed to a mixed open Tuesday ahead of several key economic reports and as investors digested a handful of earnings. Trading is likely to be quiet with many major European and Asian markets closed in observance of May Day.

  • Richard Branson on 'Screw Business as Usual' Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 8:30 AM ET
    Richard Branson on 'Screw Business as Usual'

    Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Group founder & chairman, offers insight on his book, "Screw Business as Usual," with CNBC's "Squawk Box" team.

  • Stocks to Watch: BP, PFE, DIS & More Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 8:07 AM ET

    Take a look at some of Tuesday's morning movers:

  • 'A Random Walk Down Wall Street' Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 7:55 AM ET
    'A Random Walk Down Wall Street'

    CNBC's "Squawk Box" presents another blue chip book award: "A Random Walk Down Wall Street," by Burton Malkiel.

  • Growing Trend of April Was Fear And Trepidation: Trader

    Kevin Ferry, Cronus Futures Management, offers insight on what drove market movements in April. "The only thing that did good in April is the bond market," he tells CNBC's "Squawk Box."

  • July Fireworks Are Expected for Shaw Group Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 6:32 AM ET

    Shaw Group recently got a big contract win, and yesterday buyers lit up the July options.

  • Sell in May and Go Away...Again? Tuesday, 1 May 2012 | 6:32 AM ET

    The old adage of "sell in May and go away" applies this year just like it did in previous years as problems that plagued the economy in recent years remain unresolved, Richard Cookson, global chief investment officer at Citi Private Bank told CNBC.

  • Barnes and Nobles

    Microsoft's investment in Barnes & Noble not only lit up the bookseller's share price, it fundamentally changed the company's ability to compete, analysts told CNBC Monday.

  • factory-worker2-200.jpg

    Whether they sell in May or stay and play, investors are warily eyeing the latest data and Tuesday’s ISM manufacturing survey will be no different.

  • Is Gold a Commodity? Monday, 30 Apr 2012 | 8:18 PM ET

    In a decided bullish panel on commodities at the Milken Institute Global Conference, one area of bearishness stuck out: gold.

  • Listen to the Earnings Calls Monday, 30 Apr 2012 | 6:40 PM ET
    Listen to the Earnings Calls

    Jim Cramer explains why there is no better way to find out about the prospects for increased dividends than to listen to the company's earnings call.

  • Cramer: Gross Margins Matter Monday, 30 Apr 2012 | 6:25 PM ET
    Cramer: Gross Margins Matter

    Mad Money's Jim Cramer explains how investors can figure out a company's gross margins and why it matters.

  • Cramer: How Does Your Stock Stack Up? Monday, 30 Apr 2012 | 6:15 PM ET
    Cramer: How Does Your Stock Stack Up?

    Mad Money's Jim Cramer explains why it's important investors measure a stock's earnings against its sector growth.