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  • GM: Too Hot to Handle?

    Will automakers like GM accelerate? The trade on General Motors, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

  • Lululemon Earnings Out Monday

    Gap reported a 7 percent increase in same store sales, and the stock soared, with the "Fast Money" traders. Also, a preview of Lululemon's earnings out Monday.

  • Apple's Big Moment

    Can Apple still innovate? All eyes are on the company heading into next week's developers conference, with CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Options Action traders.

  • Apple Will Announce iRadio Monday

    Pandora's stock has suffered from news of Apple's new iRadio, but today the stock soared, reports CNBC's Julia Boorstin. The "Fast Money" traders discuss whether BlackBerry is a buy now.

  • Stock Pops & Drops

    The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

  • Fed Tapering On Its Way?

    What might kill this market rally? Dissecting the day's major business news, with the "Fast Money" traders; and WSJ's Jon Hilsenrath, discusses how May's jobs data might impact Fed policy.

  • Maria's Observation: 175,000 Jobs Created In May

    Did the market rally on jobs data? CNBC's Maria Bartiromo shares her observation.

  • Can Home Goods Save JC Penney?

    JC Penney launched a new home goods section in 500 stores. Brian Stutland, Stutland Volatility Group, discusses whether the company can make a real recovery.

  • Former NYSE CEO: Too Much Volume Traded Off Exchanges

    Discussing today's trends in trading and what needs to be done to bring retail investors back to the equities markets, Dick Grasso, former NYSE Chairman & CEO, and CNBC's Bob Pisan, discussi.

  • Closing Bell Exchange

    What today's jobs data means for the economy, with Lance Roberts, StreetTalk Advisors; Peter Costa, Empire Executions; Alan Valdes, DME Securities; and CNBC's Rick Santelli.

  • FMHR Final Trade

    The FMHR traders reveal their final trades.

  • What's the Trade on McDonald's?

    Fast Money traders Pete Najarian and Simon Baker have a bull vs bear debate on McDonald's ahead of Monday's sales numbers.

  • What Will Push Apple Higher?

    Michael Santoli, Yahoo! Finance, provides his take on the tech giant ahead of its Developers Conference on Monday. And the Fast Money crew provide their final trades of the hour.

  • Jobs Number 'Too Good': Pro

    Paul Richards of UBS discusses whether today's payroll number is good enough for the Fed to discuss at its next meeting.

  • Stocks Jump 1% After Healthy Jobs Number

    The FMHR traders weigh in on whether the markets will rally from here, as stocks get a boost from today's better-than-expected employment number.

  • Obama Address Health Care & Privacy Concerns

    CNBC's John Harwood provides perspective on President Obama's address on health care, invasion of privacy concerns, and his meeting later today with China's President Xi.

  • Pres. Obama Address Privacy Issues

    President Obama answers questions about privacy concerns surrounding the NSA's collection of telephone records and monitoring of Internet activity. "Congress is continually briefed" on how these activities are conducted, Obama says.

  • Pres. Obama Speaks on Affordable Care Act

    President Obama explains the "two main things Americans need to know" about the new legislation on health care. The President outlines how competition will provide an incentive to keep health care costs down, and cover millions of people who currently don't have insurance coverage.

  • 90 Seconds with Art Cashin: Jobs Number like Goldilock's Porridge

    CNBC's Bob Pisani and Art Cashin, of UBS, discuss the day's jobs number, which seems to have been just right for the markets. We got lucky, he says, when the S&P hit 1,598 and turned around. You can't dismiss the "buy the dippers," he says.

  • Market Technicals Shows Buying Opportunity

    Dan Fitzpatrick, StockmarketMentor.com, turns to the charts to get a technical read on where the markets are headed after this morning's better-than-expected jobs number.