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  • Residents shop for local goods at one of the downtown's busy sidewalk markets in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    Greater spending from the burgeoning emerging market middle class is one of those themes global and emerging market investors have clung to as developed market consumers and governments deleverage. But there’s a growing risk emerging market consumers could start pulling back as industrial commodity prices fall and higher food prices lighten consumers’ wallets.

  • A janitor sweeps an empty trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange.

    The few people left on Wall Street in the coming week will likely debate whether the stock market is on a course to new highs, or just in the final stages of a head fake rally that will end in pain when September rolls around.

  • Traders work in the ten-year U.S. Treasury Note options pit at the Chicago Board of Trade in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

    In case you hadn't noticed, Treasury yields are on a tear. Here's how to trade them.

  • Facebook IPO

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's reported staff meetings to boost morale reminded us of the important role that public markets play in today's complex global economy.

  • Facebook

    A day after the expiration of Facebook’s initial lock-up period, one analyst said the stock is “very close to being extremely attractive” despite plunging roughly 50 percent since its IPO.

  • globe_currency_200.jpg

    The euro might be stuck in a range against the dollar, but this strategist sees plenty of other trading opportunities.

  • market-insider-stocks-to-watch-200.jpg

    Take a look at some of Friday's midday movers:

  • Silver bar and coins

    The iShares Silver ETF has been trading sideways for months, but yesterday it saw heavy traffic in upside options.

  • shoppers-california-200.jpg

    With stocks within shouting distance of the year’s highs, markets could head quietly into the weekend, as more than a few traders make a short day of a late summer Friday.

  • Tornado

    While the ultra-low VIX may be reflecting a calm stock market, futures on the VIX show investors fear there increasingly could be trouble brewing down the road.

  • euro_coin_closeup_200.jpg

    The euro is having a good day against the dollar, but tomorrow may be another story.

  • Facebook

    Accel Partners, one of the earliest investors in Facebook, has unloaded 50 million shares of the now-public social network on its own investors, according to people briefed on the matter.

  • stock-chart-falls-off-computer_200.jpg

    The discount retailer that sells everything for $1 suffered a mini-flash crash two seconds after the open Thursday. The stock plunged 18 percent before snapping back less than two seconds later to more normal levels. spacer"That's definitely the machines," said

  • yoyo-140.jpg

    The euro is smack in the middle of its recent range, and this strategist is waiting for a breakout.

  • Facebook

    Facebook shares continue to fall to new lows Thursday after additional shares hit the market and increased the supply of an already unloved stock.

  • market-insider-stocks-to-watch-200.jpg

    Take a look at some of Thursday's midday movers:

  • Apple TV

    Media companies are wary of giving too much control to Apple — look at the disaster that befell the music industry when Steve Jobs controlled all transactions. So we can expect media companies to drive a hard bargain with Apple, to prevent it from securing a monopoly on video on demand, and to protect their lucrative relationship with cable carriers.

  • Ethernet cable connected to laptop computer.

    Turkey's information and communications technology sector is probably the foremost candidate for growth.

  • Wall Street sign

    Huntsman options lit up early yesterday and remained active throughout the session.

  • Chinese students play online computer games at an internet cafe in Hangzhou.

    China’s biggest internet company by revenue, Tencent, beat market expectations with the fastest pace of increase in quarterly profit in a year, prompting one analyst to predict further upside in its stock price, which has already risen a whopping 58 percent year to date.