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  • Stock Pops & Drops

    The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers.

  • Dow Hits New 5-Year High

    Dissecting the day's major business news, with the Fast Money traders. Meanwhile Tom Lee, of JPMorgan, says it's time to get cautious on equities.

  • Maria's Observation: Will Fundamentals Ever Matter?

    The market had a fierce sell off in the afternoon, and the U.S. economy is continuing to grow at an anemic pace. CNBC's Maria Bartiromo shares her observation.

  • Kudla: I'd Shy Away From Transports

    Discussing whether to buy into transport stocks now, and other opportunities in the market, with David Kudla, Mainstay Capital Management; Tim Leach, US Bank; Mark Spellman, Value Line Funds; and CNBC's Rick Santelli.

  • Markets Backing Off All-Time High

    Which market indicators are most important, with David Darst, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Matthew Cheslock, Virtu Financial.

  • market-insider-stocks-to-watch-AB-200.jpg

    Check out which companies are making headlines after the bell Thursday:

  • After its latest earnings report, J.C. Penney is a story of sharp drops: from its 32-percent dive in same-store sales and 28-percent revenue decline to its 15-percent stock drop. Still, one analyst reiterated his "outperform" rating on the struggling retailer.

  • US Nat Gas Boom

    A new report says America's natural gas boom could last for decades. Bill Holland, Platts Gas Daily associate editor.

  • If you were busy watching the euro tank and the yen soar, you may have missed a bigger currency story: The dollar, some experts said, is poised for significant strengthening.

  • The pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical sectors have been marching steadily higher. TheStreet.com reports on two stocks with potential to appreciate.

  • Watch Out, Crude's Ready to Rally

    Is a crude move afoot? As crude starts to consolidate, a look at what happens next, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Top Chartist: S&P to 1,590 Level By Year End

    Jeff DeGraaf of Renaissance Macro Research tells "Futures Now" where he thinks the S&P 500 stock index is headed. (0:39)

  • Where the Dow is Headed: Top Chartist

    Will the Dow rally continue? Using charts to plot the market's next move, with top chartist Jeff DeGraph, Renaissance Macro research, CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Markets React to Bernanke

    CNBC's Fed survey showed 45 percent expect asset sales in 2014, and 74 percent expect them in 2014 and 2015. CNBC's Steve Liesman reports what the Fed's next step could be.

  • Nasdaq Up 5% This Year

    Where is the smart money invested in this rally? Michael Yoshikami, Destination Wealth Management CEO, offers insight.

  • Pro: These Levels Matter the Most for Stocks

    Jeff DeGraaf of Renassance Macro Research reveals the key technical levels for equities, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders.

  • Sell the Stock Rally: Pro

    Barring a last-minute deal, sequestration will be enacted tomorrow. A look at the market's next move, with CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis and the Futures Now Traders, Jim Iourio at the CME and Anthony Grisanti at the Nymex.

  • FMHR Final Trade

    The FMHR traders reveal their final trades.

  • Sonnenfeld on JC Penney: Johnson Running Out of Gas

    Yale School of Management's Jeff Sonnenfeld, shares his opinions on JC Penney Ron Johnson's strategies. "[Johnson] has failed on a number of dimensions," he says. The FMHR traders discuss how to play Salesforce.com ahead of its earnings.

  • You Tweet It, We Trade It!

    The FMHR traders discuss how to play Halliburton, Goldman Sachs and other stocks requested on Twitter; and how to profit from the euro's pain, with Todd Gordon, TradingAnalysis.com.