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  • Stocks End Mixed Amid Ongoing Greece Fears Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 4:46 PM ET

    Stocks ended mixed in thin, choppy session Thursday amid Greece's ongoing debt woes and ahead of the quadruple witching Friday.

  • Is a Euro Zone Liquidity Problem Brewing? Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 4:28 PM ET
    Betty Davis in 'All About Eve'

    More Greek drama: rapid price changes in a corner of the currency markets suggest banks are worried about an interbank lending freeze, absent a rescue plan for Greece.

  • Tech Bargains Found in Familiar Names: Experts Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 4:25 PM ET
    Motorola Droid

    Some of the biggest bargains in technology stocks have very familiar names, analysts told CNBC Thursday. Those names include AOL, Motorola, and Microsoft among others.

  • Apple Late Day Decline Helps Lower Market Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 4:10 PM ET

    One reason for the market's late day weakness: Apple just crossed below its 200 day moving average ... $327 and change ... for the first time since April 2009 , when it was $116.

  • Market A Mixed Bag Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 3:34 PM ET
    Market A Mixed Bag

    Larry Kantor, Barclays Capital says the market sell off is overblown but remains cautious.

  • Stocks Bounce Off Session Lows; Vix Jumps Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 3:33 PM ET

    Stocks fluctuated in thin trading Thursday as investors showed skepticism over Greece's ability to resolve their growing debt crisis and ahead of the quadruple witching at the end of the week.

  • Banks, Hotels May Benefit from a Greek Fire Sale Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 2:39 PM ET

    While major several U.S. banks have exposure to Greece, there might be opportunities for investors in the financial sector despite the country's debt crisis, according to investment strategists.

  • Three Market Bogeymen Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 2:36 PM ET
    Euro Stress: Goldman Targeted?

    Once again, there is considerable confusion over what will happen in Greece. We had a discussion on-air about whether U.S. investors should care about what happens with Greece. They should. Here's why:

  • Bouroudjian: Finding Opportunity in the Greek Crisis Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 2:13 PM ET
    Riot policemen push back demonstrators as they try to approach the finance ministry in Athens.

    When you have a country with a debt-to-GDP ratio that rises above 150%, historically that country defaults. I bring this up because the debt-to-GDP ratio in Greece is somewhere in the neighborhood of 160%.

  • Tech Investors Crowd Into 'Crowd Commerce' Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 1:30 PM ET
    Bo Fishback (L) and Ashton Kutcher

    On the heels of LinkedIn’s successful initial public offering, many of Silicon Valley’s biggest investors are throwing millions in seed capital at a handful of startups looking to cash in on something called “crowd commerce,” where everything and everyone has a price.

  • Analyze This: Oil & Glencore Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 12:55 PM ET
    Analyze This: Oil & Glencore

    Oil is showing signs of an economic slowdown, says Daniel Dicker, independent oil trader.

  • A World Awash in Debt Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 11:47 AM ET

    Regardless of whether there is another Greek “save”, preventing the actual default that still seems inevitable, the fact remains that adding debt to try and solve a debt crisis is a moronic approach when your interest costs already exceed your tax revenues (as is currently the case in Greece).

  • Private Equities Opportunities Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 11:30 AM ET
    Private Equities Opportunities

    Insight on the future of global risk and how Greek debt is weighing on markets, with Ted Virtue, MidOcean Partners CEO.

  • As Investors Flee, Buy Bargain Value Stocks Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 11:11 AM ET
    NYSE trader

    After a one-day relief rally, stocks resumed their decline yesterday. Although Tuesday's consumer-spending report beat expectations, it marked the first year-over-year monthly decline since June 2010, as higher gasoline and food prices weighed on Americans....a report from TheStreet.

  • Six in 60

    Here's why you should keep a close eye on these six stocks.

  • Tired of the Euro Mess? Try a Trade Up North Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 10:50 AM ET

    Yes, the euro is struggling and Greece is a mess. Still. Time to look elsewhere for a fresh trading idea.

  • Goldman, Morgan Stanley Prepare to Cut Losses Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 10:37 AM ET
    The Goldman Sachs booth on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

    Shares of investment banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley have underperformed in 2011 as investors worry about the future of their traditional business models amid a regulatory environment that seeks to reign in risky trading practices ... a report from TheStreet.

  • Stocks Rise, Led by Banks; Pandora Slides Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 10:30 AM ET

    Stocks traded higher Thursday after a handful of mixed economic news and as investors snapped up beaten-down stocks following a selloff in the previous session over Greece's growing debt worries.

  • Money For Life: Fixed Income Annuity Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 10:25 AM ET
    Money For Life: Fixed Income Annuity

    A fixed income annuity is a way to plan for income in your retirement years. Insight with Josh Mellberg, JD Mellberg Financial president.

  • Stock Value Plays Thursday, 16 Jun 2011 | 9:37 AM ET
    Stock Value Plays

    Advice for some thrifty plays in the markets, with Eric Cinnamond, River Road Asset Management and Jeff Duncan, Duncan Financial Group.