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  • Fast Money Final Trade Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 5:58 PM ET
    Fast Money Final Trade

    The Fast Money traders share their final trades of the day.

  • ETF Volatility Playbook Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 5:41 PM ET
    ETF Volatility Playbook

    A look at SPDR Gold Trust, with the Fast Money traders.

  • Stock Pops & Drops Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 5:40 PM ET
    Stock Pops & Drops

    The Fast Money traders take a look at today's biggest market movers, including Lions Gate and Family Dollar.

  • Ackman's Mystery Investment Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 5:39 PM ET
    Ackman's Mystery Investment

    Discussing what Bill Ackman is buying now, with the Fast Money crew.

  • Insider Activity & Buybacks Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 5:25 PM ET
    Insider Activity & Buybacks

    Charles Biderman, Trim Tabs Research, says insiders bought $100 billion worth of stock in July and August.

  • Positioning Your Portfolio Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 5:19 PM ET
    Positioning Your Portfolio

    Canada is trying to diversify from the US, says Dennis Gartman, of the Gartman Letter. "GDP numbers show Canada is dependent on US," he adds.

  • 'Dead Cross' Triggered—Look Out Below Large Caps Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 4:44 PM ET

    Are large-cap stocks about to nosedive? The "Dead Cross"—a bearish technical indicator that occurs when a market's 50-day moving average crosses below its 200-day moving average—was triggered at the end of trading for large-cap stocks on Tuesday, according to Dow Jones Indexes.

  • Stocks Log Worst Aug. in 10 Years; Dow Up for 2011 Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 4:27 PM ET

    Stocks finished higher in volatile trading Wednesday to mark a four-day rally, but despite the recent gains, all three major indexes still logged their worst month since last May. The major averages also logged its worst August in 10 years.

  • In Choppy Market, 3 Picks Offering Attractive Dividends Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 4:25 PM ET

    As the markets seesaw day to day, investors are looking for companies that offer safety in addition to generating a return. Investing in well-researched companies with attractive dividends can offer stability amid market volatility, said one asset management president.

  • August Markets: Fear Factor Takes Its Toll Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 4:04 PM ET
    August Markets: Fear Factor Takes Its Toll

    Perspective on fear in the markets and how investors can protect their portfolios as we head into September, with Larry Haverty, Gabelli Global Multimedia Trust, and Yu-dee Chang, ACE Investment Strategists.

  • Can Markets Depend on September Relief? Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 3:30 PM ET
    Can Markets Depend on September Relief?

    Perspective on the market's volatility and what it means for investors as we head into September, with Abby Joseph Cohen, Goldman Sachs.

  • How to Get Ahead of a Promising Jobs Report Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 3:18 PM ET

    New jobs data will be reported Friday, and investors are guardedly optimistic. Here's how to trade the glass-half-full mood.

  • Deleveraging is a 'Pretty Volatile Process": KLS Exec Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 2:54 PM ET

    The "total leverage system" has not come down over the last couple of years, Jeffrey Kronthal, co-managing partner and co-CIO of KLS Diversified Asset Management, told CNBC on Wednesday.

  • For September, a Break From Selling but Not Volatility Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 2:25 PM ET

    Investors looking for a bounce after a brutal four-month run in the stock market might get it in September, but not without having to tolerate a strong level of volatility.

  • 4 Spectacular Fund-Manager Blowups of 2011 Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 2:14 PM ET

    Pimco bond baron Bill Gross reportedly said it was a mistake to sell Treasurys before a big rally this year. When a bond fund manager underperforms his or her benchmark index, "you go home at night and cry in your beer," Gross said, according to a report from TheStreet.

  • Best-Performing Stocks Under $5 Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 1:46 PM ET

    Stocks under $5, such as TeamStaff and Majesco Entertainment, have more than doubled already this year even as most small-cap stocks have been brutalized by economic weakness and global debt woes, according to a report from TheStreet.

  • Three Top Dividend Plays Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 1:46 PM ET
    Three Top Dividend Plays

    Jill Cuniff, Edge Asset Management president with three stock picks that provide investors with safety and yield.

  • The latest research shows that a diversified stock portfolio is now a somewhat contradictory concept. Whether it’s the proliferation of ETFs, high frequency traders or something else, the bottom line is that all types of stocks—large or small—are showing a high degree of correlation.

  • How Do You Play Retail? Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 1:15 PM ET
    How Do You Play Retail?

    A look at back-to-school shopping and its impact on retail stocks, with Brian Tunick, JP Morgan, and Christine Chen, Needham & Company LLC.

  • September Better for Investors? Wednesday, 31 Aug 2011 | 1:07 PM ET
    September Better for Investors?

    Stocks are on track for their worst August performance in ten years. Discussing whether September will be better for investors, with Ted Parrish, Henssler Equity Fund, and Bill Spiropoulos, CoreStates Capital Advisors president/CEO.