Business Iraq

  • Pres. Obama: Iraq takes a promising step

    President Obama pledges support to new Iraqi government and says the only lasting solution will be for Iraqis to come together and form an inclusive government.

  • Pres. Obama pledges support to new Iraqi government

    President Obama delivered statements on the U.S. military action in Iraq, with CNBC's John Harwood. FM trader Tim Seymour shares how to trade the uncertainties.

  • Haider al-Ibadi

    NBC's Duncan Golestani, reports the Iraqi parliament's deputy speaker Haider al-Abadi has been announced as the country's new Prime Minister by President Fuad Masum.

  • Hillary Clinton: Failure to help Syrian rebels led to ISIS rise

    Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized President Obama's Syria policy. CNBC's John Harwood reports Hillary Clinton is putting distance between her and President Obama.

  • Rather drill in Russia or Iraq?

    Discussing the high risks for energy executives in choosing to drill in Iraq, and whether Russia would be a better bet, with Carl Larry, Oil Outlooks & Opinions President.

  • Oil majors pull out of Middle East

    Ethnic minorities try to flee ISIS attacks in Iraq, reports CNBC's Tyler Mathisen. CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis provides insight on Iraq's oil production, and Michelle-Caruso-Cabrera, discusses the Kurdistan region's next big move in oil.

  • A Kurdish resident holds a signs during a demonstration in support of the Peshmerga troops in front of the U.S. consulate in Irbil, north of Baghdad, August 11, 2014.

    The US airstrikes in Iraq came just in time; here's what needs to happen next, says former White House adviser David L. Phillips.

  • Oil's production story

    With chaos increasing in the Middle East, CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis reports oil giants like Chevron and Exxon Mobile are cutting staff in the region, but the oil supply remains steady.

  • Rep. Ed Royce: Armed Kurds helping

    Discussing the political crisis in Iraq, Rep. Ed Royce chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, (R-Calif.), says Iraq needs to establish some kind of competent leadership and replacing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is a step in the right direction.

  • Haider al-Ibadi

    New prime minister Haider al-Abadi called on Iraqis to unite against the "barbaric" campaign waged by Islamic State militants.

  • Haider al-Abadi chosen Iraq Prime Minister: Report

    NBC's Duncan Golestani, reports the Iraqi parliament has chosen deputy speaker Haider al-Abadi to become Prime Minister as current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says he will not give up power willingly.

  • Airstrikes continue against ISIS

    Douglas Ollivant, New America Foundation, and Dan Senor, Foreign Policy Initiative, discuss the ongoing crisis in Iraq, and President Obama's next move.

  • Iraq's Maliki refuses to step down

    NBC's Duncan Golestani, reports the latest details on the growing crisis in Iraq as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announces he will not allow the newly-elected president to take over, as the U.S. steps up airstrikes against militant group ISIS.

  • Brent prices likely to fall despite geopolitics: Pro

    Neil Atkinson, head of analysis at Lloyd's List Intelligence, says there is "loads of oil" in the world and prices are likely to fall despite continued geopolitical tensions.

  • 'Maliki's time in office is limited': Professor

    William Martel, Associate Professor of International Security Studies at Tufts University, says people in Iraq feel that Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki isn't serving the interests of the country.

  • Is the US' response to Iraq 'too late too little'?

    James Dorsey, Senior Fellow at the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies, discusses the effectiveness of the U.S. air strikes and air drops of humanitarian aid in Iraq.

  • Why are commodities ignoring geopolitical risks?

    Mark Keenan, Cross Commodity Research Strategist at Societe Generale, expects oil prices to stay low as supplies remain unaffected. He later explains his bearish stance on gold prices moving forward.

  • No chance for crude supply shock: Pro

    Discussing the risks to crude supply amid ISIS events, and the next catalyst to move oil, with John Kingston, Platts director of news.

  • Iraq airstrikes: What we know

    CNBC's Hampton Pearson reports on the two confirmed airstrikes in Iraq.

  • We can't want the success of Iraq more than Iraqis do: Expert

    Discussing Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki's idea of success there, and the U.S. efforts against ISIS, with Retired 4-star General Barry McCaffrey, and Thomas Sanderson, Center For Strategic and International Studies.