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  • In Worst Case Brent Could Rise to 150: Expert

    Lars Steffensen, executive managing director at Ebullio Capital talks to CNBC about whether the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza will have a wider impact on the oil price.

  • Egypt Mediating Ceasefire

    Dan Senor, Council on Foreign Relations, offers insight on the talks underway to avoid Israeli ground invasion.

  • Fundamentals of Oil Still Bearish: Platts

    John Kingston, Director of News at Platts says that the conflict between Israel and Hamas won't result in an oil shock and that the fundamentals for oil remain bearish.

  • Oil Prices Won't Skyrocket Unless Tensions Escalate: Analyst

    David Lennox, Resources Analyst, Fat Prophets thinks it would take considerable escalation of tensions in the Gaza Strip before oil prices skyrocket, as the area is away from oil supply and routes.

  • Obama Calls Israel's PM & Egypt's President

    NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports Israel's top security officials are going to be convening within the hour to discuss possible offers by Egyptian mediators; and Helima Croft, Barclays senior geopolitical analyst, discusses the potential threat to the oil market.

  • Oil Jumps on Mideast Tensions

    Intel's stock is rebounding after news CEO Paul Otellini is retiring in May, with the FMHR traders; and NBC's Martin Fletcher reports on the intensifying conflict in Gaza, and how it's impacting oil stocks.

  • Oil Prices Rising Amid Middle East Conflict

    NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports the latest detail on escalating tensions in Gaza, and discussing its impact on oil prices, with Pavel Molchanov, Raymond James analyst.

  • Israeli Airstrikes Continue in Gaza

    NBC's Stephanie Gosk reports the latest detail on escalating violence in the Middle East.

  • Possible Invasion of Gaza?

    Reports are circulating that Israel may be ready for a ground invasion of Gaza, but the country prefers a diplomatic solution. NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin, has the latest details.

  • Middle East Violence Escalates

    The violence between Israel and Hamas is escalating. NBC's Tel Aviv Bureau Chief Martin Fletcher reports the latest. Marc Ginsberg, Former White House Middle East Policy Advisor, provides perspective.

  • Escalating Violence in Gaza

    NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin reports from Gaza, where Israeli drones and an occasional fighter jets are the most prevalent sounds in the night.

  • Oil Traders Eyeing Iran's Nuke Progress

    CNBC's Sharon Epperson reports there was no oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico from the rig explosion, but traders are keeping an eye on reports Iran is doubling its uranium production.

  • Report: Israeli PM Requests 75,000 Troops

    The Israeli Defense Minister asked Parliament to authorize the mobilization of 75,000 troops, reports NBC's Ayman Mohyeldin; Richard Whittington, Drexel Hamilton aerospace and defense analyst, offers strategies for playing the defense sector.

  • Gaza, Rockets & Israel Stocks

    CNBC's Tyler Mathisen reports on how Israeli stocks that trade in the U.S. are faring today, after rockets fell near Jerusalem.

  • Israeli Stocks Hit by Conflict Turbulence

    The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange often moves in the same direction as U.S. markets. While this has been a tough week for the bulls in the U.S. it’s been even more difficult in Israel because of the new round of violence plaguing the area.

  • Tensions in Middle East Won't Lead to Oil Rally: Pro

    Peter Esho, Chief Market Analyst at City Index explains why he doesn't think the latest tensions in the Middle East will lead to a sustained rally in oil prices.

  • The Changing Landscape in the Middle East

    Reva Bhalla, Vice President, Global Analysis, Stratfor says the changing dynamics of the region is pushing Israel to secure its borders and eliminate any security threats, notably Hamas.

  • Israel Forces Will 'Do Anything' To Keep Secure

    NBC's Martin Fletcher reports Israel is moving ground forces to the Gaza Strip, and some reserved troops are being called.

  • Israeli Forces On Move Toward Gaza

    Israeli ground forces are on the move towards Gaza. Aaron Miller, Woodrow Wilson International Center, says the situation is already bad and could get much worse.

  • Tony Blair Warns Israel Conflict May Escalate

    Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair warns that Israel's offensive against Palestinian militants could escalate in a "very, very serious way". Blair now acts as a representative for the Quartet (the U.S, European Union, Russia and the United Nations) to the Middle East.