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Jackie DeAngelis

Jackie DeAngelis
CNBC Reporter, Host "Futures Now"

Jackie DeAngelis is a reporter for CNBC and also hosts CNBC's online show, "Futures Now," only available on CNBC.com and entirely devoted to the futures market.

DeAngelis contributes live reports for CNBC programming from the New York Mercantile Exchange, focusing on the commodity markets, specifically energy. On her online show she interviews market movers and newsmakers, providing in-depth analysis of the futures market. DeAngelis also presents business related stories for MSNBC and NBC's "Today" and has also anchored CNBC's global business news program "Worldwide Exchange."

From 2010 to 2011, DeAngelis covered market activity in the Middle East for CNBC's international broadcast, interviewing influential business leaders and government officials including OPEC Secretary General Abdalla El-Badri, Israeli Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz and Saudi Arabian Finance Minister Ibrahim Al-Assaf. She also reported on the Arab Spring and its impact on the global markets, providing detailed coverage of the uprising in the island nation of Bahrain.

Prior to her assignment in the Middle East, DeAngelis served as CNBC's Director of Strategic Programming and Development. In this role, she was instrumental in creating new financial series and producing exclusive network specials with Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, legendary investor Warren Buffett, Microsoft's Bill Gates and President Bill Clinton. DeAngelis received an Emmy Award nomination for her work on CNBC's "Investing in America: A CNBC Town Hall Event with President Obama."

Prior to joining CNBC, DeAngelis worked as a technology analyst at Oaktree Capital Management, identifying investment opportunities in emerging markets. DeAngelis graduated Cum Laude from Cornell University with a B.A. in Asian studies and history and also holds a Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law. DeAngelis speaks Mandarin and Farsi.

Follow Jackie DeAngelis on Twitter @JackieDeAngelis.


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