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Jane Wells
CNBC Reporter

CNBC reporter Jane Wells is based in Los Angeles, where she covers retail, agriculture and defense as well as reports on California's economy, West Coast real estate and Las Vegas. Wells also writes the blog Funny Business for covering a variety of unusual items. Wells came from CNBC's "Upfront Tonight," where she served as a senior correspondent.

Wells joined CNBC in 1996, providing special coverage of the O.J. Simpson civil case for "Rivera Live." Prior to joining CNBC, she was a correspondent for the Fox News Channel and Los Angeles reporter for NBC's flagship television station, WNBC, in New York. Her television news career includes reporter positions with KTTV, Los Angeles; WTVJ, Miami; and KOB, Albuquerque. She has also contributed international reports for CNN.

Wells has received numerous honors for her work, including a 1992 Peabody Award and duPont Award for her role in the live coverage of the Rodney King Trial. That same year, she earned a Los Angeles Emmy Award for her investigative reporting. She also has received UPI, Press Club and Emmy Awards for feature reporting; three Florida Emmy Awards for news reporting; and the Investigative Reporters and Editors Award for team reporting.

Wells holds bachelor's degrees in broadcast journalism and philosophy from the University of Southern California, where she graduated with honors. She and her husband have two children and live in Los Angeles.

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  • The Hangover

    I'm heading back to Las Vegas next month to do my regular check on the market there. But while doing research, producer Jeff Daniels spoke with Caesars Palace about whether the Vegas icon has seen a boost in business since the hit movie, "The Hangover" came out. Turns out it may be the biggest thing to happen at Caesars since Evel Knievel.

  • A home is advertised for sale at a foreclosure auction in Pasadena, California.

    PennyMac is preparing to go public to raise $400 million to help it buy portfolios of bad mortgages.  Why would anyone want to invest? Because it's run by former Countrywide executives.

  • California Suburbs

    "There's a lot of action if you're in the right price range," says Re/Max realtor Billy Wynn, who sells home in LA's San Fernando Valley.

  • California Gov. Arnold Schwartzenegger

    Talk about funny business. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is signing a budget solution today which will at least buy California some time. Since the Assembly did not approve two measures to raise $1.1 billion for the state--mostly by taking transportation funds from local authorities--the Governor promises to use his line item veto to eke out more cost cuts.

  • Handerpants

    I give up. Just when I think I've seen it all...suddenly, there's Handerpants. "Underwear for your hands!" proclaims the marketers of the fingerless gloves designed to look like men's briefs.

  • Sign of the Times

    More signs of the times we live in. Attached is an image CNBC producer Jeff Daniels snapped near the 710 Freeway in Los Angeles.

  • We got some emails about The Compliment Guys! Who are AWESOME! Handsome! Hard-working! Good for America!

  • Angela McNamee

    Last month, I went to Hollywood's legendary Central Casting. California's newly unemployed are flocking here to get work as extras, and make a little extra money....One of the people I interviewed that day was Angela McNamee...It's been a good month for McNamee, who wrote me this week that only days after I interviewed her, she landed a job.

  • Call of Shame

    This week we're not naming a winner. You are. Vote in the poll at the bottom. Here are the nominees...

  • I try to be a nice person, but I'm only human. Which is why, in my sickness, I'm drawn to websites like Don't Even Reply. The website posts email exchanges between people listing goods and services on sites like Craigslist, and someone who plays with their heads.

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