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    The euro has been bouncing around $1.45 for the past several days. How much further can it run? Here's what the experts say.

  • And here's how market pros recommend cashing in on the rising inflation trade.

  • James S. Chanos

    First Solar shares  fell after short-seller James Chanos said insider stock selling and executives leaving the company is "never a good combination."

  • Ford F-150

    As recalls go, it's a whopper — 1.19 million Ford F-150's and a select number of Lincoln Mark LT vehicles are being recalled by Ford due to airbags that may deploy inadvertently. Under CEO Alan Mulally, this is one of the largest recalls at Ford. A rare black eye for a company that has steadily improved its quality and reliability over the last five years.

  • The outlook of the container shipping industry remains uncertain, according to NOL’s Chief, as the industry grapples with concerns over rising fuel costs, overcapacity and ripple effects from the Japan disaster. Shipping veteran Ron Widdows, who helms the Singapore-based company, the world’s sixth-largest container shipping company, talks to CNBC’s Christine Tan.

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    The euro is hitting new highs, a group of developing countries are tired of the dollar, and the yen is having another bad day — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Japan is beginning to look like an emerging market in the sense that its valuations "are getting very attractive," said Templeton Emerging Markets Executive Chairman Mark Mobius.

  • Japan &Earnings Impact on Stock

    A look at how investors should be positioning themselves heading into earnings season with Phil Orlando, Federated Investors; Sandy Pomeroy, Neuberger Berman Equity Income Fund; and Steve Grasso, Stuart Frankel.

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    Euro traders wonder how far eurozone debt problems will spread, and everyone worries about Japan's nuclear catastrophe — it's time for your Terrible Tuesday FX Fix.

  • Here's what you should be watching Tuesday, April 12.

  • Nissan Leaf

    Today, Nissan publicly acknowledged some electric LEAF's have a problem with re-starting after the car has been running.

  • The dollar got a lift after the government stayed open, and the New Zealand dollar is hitting new highs. It's time for your FX Fix.

  • CNBC - Disaster in Japan - Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

    Foreign cigarette makers have taken the unusual step of air freighting cigarettes to Japan to make up for a plunge in supplies, after last month’s natural disaster knocked out a third of the country’s cigarette production. The FT reports.

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange

    Japan’s stock market has been on a tear lately. The Nikkei has rebounded 18% from the lows in August last year. But fund manager, Curtis Freeze, has managed to outperform the market by a huge margin and he’s done so by making bets on small, under-covered stocks.

  • Stocks saw a selloff ahead of the weekend and amid disagreements over spending cuts, hindering lawmakers from reaching a deal to temporarily avert a government shutdown.

  • Stocks saw a selloff ahead of the weekend and amid disagreements over spending cuts, hindering lawmakers from reaching a deal to temporarily avert a government shutdown.

  • Car Keys and Money

    Over the last year, as gas prices have steadily moved higher and people predicted gas would eventually climb above $4 a gallon the big question in the industry has been where is the tipping point? At what price per gallon will we finally see car, truck, and SUV buyers shift to smaller more fuel efficient models? Well, folks it's here.

  • Stocks added to modest losses Friday after news that Congressional leaders have not come to a budget agreement, which could lead to a government shutdown at midnight tonight. Cisco fell, while Merck rose.

  • Stock index futures rose ahead of the open Friday in what is expected to be another low volume session before earnings season kicks off in earnest with Alcoa's release after the market closes on Monday.

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    A strong aftershock ripped through northeastern Japan, killing two, injuring dozens and piling misery on a region still buried under the rubble of last month's devastating tsunami.