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  • Alan Mulally

    One of the hallmarks of Ford before CEO Alan Mulally was the often messy style of management shake-ups.

  • Chevrolet grille

    When you look at the surge in hiring for the auto industry in the U.S. one factor overlooked is the fact America has become a huge auto exporter.

  • japan-trade_200.jpg

    Japan's current account surplus shrank sharply last year to its smallest in 15 years as weak exports and surging fuel imports resulted in a rare trade deficit, raising worries about the country's declining ability to fund its huge public debt with domestic savings.

  • stacks-of-yen-notes_200.jpg

    Japan will not rule out taking any measures to battle speculative moves in currency markets, Finance Minister Jun Azumi said on Tuesday, after data showed Tokyo spent roughly 1 trillion yen ($13 billion) in November last year on intervention it had not previously announced.

  • What’s the best geographic location for your money? The “Fast Money” pros were split.

  • Where's the Best Location For Your Money?

    The Fast Money traders scan the global to find the best investment opportunities for investors, and weigh in on which regional stock market offers the best valuation.

  • superbowl-2012-logo-200.jpg

    Wondering which Super Bowl ad run by the automakers is generating the greatest buzz? You could pick almost any ad and you wouldn’t be wrong.

  • bull_bear_chart_200.jpg

    A new Morgan Stanley report concludes that emerging market stocks look much more attractive than equities in the United States, Europe and Japan.

  • China

    Emerging markets are well placed to weather the storm of the sovereign debt crisis currently engulfing the euro zone, and emerging economies are expected to grow by 5.3 percent this year and 6.1 percent in 2013, Pablo Goldberg, global head of Emerging Markets Research at HSBC, wrote in a report.

  • Mitsubishi's electric vehicle i-miev have been used in the wrecked cities in northeastern Japan not because of any special ability to claw their way over mountains of debris, but because they were able to “refuel” at common electrical outlets.

    Japan's Mitsubishi Motors said it will end production at its only western European plant, in the Netherlands, at the end of this year, a move that was expected as its sales in Europe have dropped to a third of their peak. 

  • Iranian Flag

    Iran has indicated that its threat to cut oil supplies to European states in order to pre-empt a European Union oil embargo that comes into effect in July may be only a symbolic one.

  • Boeing is inspecting its newest plane, the 787 Dreamliner for possible repairs to the carbon fiber composite structure of the plane.

  • The Toyota logo is displayed on the grill of brand new Toyota RAV4s on the sales lot at City Toyota in Daly City, California.

    Lost amid the Super Bowl hype and the better than expected jobs number was a very strong prediction from Toyota. The Japanese automaker says it expects global sales in 2012 to rebound to an all-time high. We’re not talking about an all-time high for Toyota. If Toyota hits its sales target it will be an all-time record for annual sales by any automaker.

  • Detroit Auto Show 2012

    For those of us who work for the American auto manufacturers, our product is more than just a collection of fused metal, technology, rubber and glass. A trade show represents the American automakers’ commitment to excellence.

  • car_key_hands_200.jpg

    So much for auto sales slowing down in January. As the automakers reported their sales for the start of the year it became clear the combination of pent-up demand and a slowly improving economy are driving more people into the showroom.

  • used_car_dealership_200.jpg

    Call this another example of the boomerang effect from the auto downturn 3 years ago now helping out an industry on the rebound.

  • Japanese 10,000 Yen bank notes

    Central bank interest rates may be at historic lows but in many loan markets around the world companies are paying more to borrow, the eurozone debt crisis blunting lenders’ appetite for risk. Not so in Japan.

  • India Traders

    While the January rally in U.S. stocks may have looked good, investors would have found even more to like in foreign markets—especially in emerging economies.

  • Chinese tourists stand outside a Laox Co. electronics store after shopping in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, Japan, during the Lunar New Year holidays.

    There were times last year when foreigners all but vanished from the elegant wooden veranda of Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, one of Japan’s most celebrated tourist spots, but now they are flowing back – and most of them seem to be speaking Chinese.

  • Ford

    This should have been a day to celebrate at Ford headquarters. It announced a pre-tax operating profit of $8.8 billion for 2011, its most profitable year since 1999. Instead, the company missed earnings estimates by a nickel and investors are focusing on the company's conservative outlook for 2012.