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  • Businessman with crystal ball

    Now that Standard & Poor's has done the unthinkable, you need to know who might take the next ratings hit. Here's the list, and how to trade it.

  • Yen

    International intervention in foreign exchange markets may only give brief respite to countries that are fighting an "unwinnable war" against currency appreciation, analysts told

  • NN_c_suite_200.jpg

    Sovereign debt played a critical role in the market's worst drop since the 2008 Financial Crisis Thursday. The crisis which is heating up both in the United States and in Europe is being analysed to death.

  • cadillac_coupe_2011_200.jpg

    As new model announcements go, this may be the most intriguing one we'll hear about this year. Cadillac, long a non-factor in small luxury cars, is rolling out a C-segment model next year. Right now it's called the ATS, but by the time it hits showrooms that could change. The name is not important.

  • Gm Building

    You have to wonder what's going through the minds of executives at General Motors. After posting far better than expected earnings in the second quarter, and having the company in its best position in years investors are shrugging their shoulders and saying, "so what?"

  • Analysts are predicting that Japan will intervene to slow down the yen as early as this week.

  • 2008 Honda Civic

    In the issue, Consumer Reports pulls no punches on the Civic saying, "Stopping distances are long, the ride is choppy, road noise is pronounced, and the interior feels cheap."

  • Consumer Reports: Drops Honda Civic

    CNBC's Phil LeBeau reports Consumer Reports can no longer recommend the Honda Civic.

  • The new 2011 Ford Explorer SUV touts a sleek newly designed look that the company hopes will attract new buyers to the venerable SUV line.

    For all the hand wringing, complaining and eye rolling being done by auto makers who are now on board with the new fuel efficiency targets, one thing you don't hear about is the excitement of engineers, designers, and suppliers. Excitement? Yes, excitement.

  • Young Japanese people have the biggest risk appetite in the Asia-Pacific region, according to a study.

    The Japanese are known to be savers and conservative spenders. But the attitude may be changing, according to a recent study which shows the nation to be most willing to take financial risks in the Asia Pacific.

  • Politicians in Washington, D.C. finally agreed on a deal that would extend the ability of the government to borrow money beyond August—preventing a default on  or other obligations.But even with the U.S. debt ceiling raised, a short-term deal that does little to raise revenue or cut spending might result in a downgrade of the country's long-term debt. Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s might decide that the failure to produce a longer-term solution to the U.S. debt burden indicates that the country's

    You might be surprised by some of the possible answers. Click ahead to see what happens if the U.S. credit rating is downgraded.

  • Life goes on as usual in Osaka where many people from Tokyo have taken refuge after an 9.0 magnitude strong earthquake struck on March 11 off the coast of north-eastern Japan, March 17, 2011 in Osaka, Japan.

    Just four months after a vicious earthquake and tsunami devastated its mainland, Japan suddenly is being looked at as an enticing investment opportunity.

  • capital_building_cash_new_200.jpg

    Astute analysts have been predicting for months that the debt ceiling deal wouldn't happen until markets experienced a "TARP vote" moment, whereby investors really panicked and forced politicians to cut a deal.

  • Yen

    Regulators probing alleged manipulation of interbank lending rates have expanded their investigation into yen rates in London and a separate rate-setting process in Tokyo. The FT reports.

  • Young businessman who walks with superior

    Once used to staying in one company throughout their careers, Japan's middle class are no longer following that script. The FT reports.

  • auto_worker_female_200.jpg

    When representatives from the United Auto Workers and the Big 3 automakers exchange ceremonial handshakes this week, it will be the symbolic start of talks on a new labor deal.

  • The Japanese people are fighting hard to get the economy out of the slump that has followed the devastating earthquake and tsunami that blasted parts of the island nation in March, a Nomura analyst told CNBC Monday.

  • capitol_building_wallst_mainst.jpg

    Precariously short of time, congressional leaders struggled in urgent, weekend-long talks to avert an unprecedented government default, desperate to show enough progress to head off a plunge in stock prices when Asian markets open ahead of the US workweek.

  • Sony Building

    Corporate Japan has been trapped in a multi-decade long slump, but ‘Made in Japan’ is still demonstrating remarkable resilience, with brands including Sony, Panasonic and Canon dominating the list of the most valued brands in Asia-Pacific for 2011, according to a recent survey by global media firm Haymarket Media.

  • James Farley

    As soon as Jalopnik posted the Farley quotes, Twitter lit up with plenty of comments about Farley dropping the F-bomb. And yes, more than a few were pretty funny.