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  • US Fundamentals to Drive Yen's Move After Japan Elections Over

    Nick Verdi, Director of FX Strategy Asia Pacific ex-Japan, Barclays, says Japan's elections will continue to drive the yen in the near term, but U.S. fundamentals will be the real push to take dollar-yen to the 86 level.

  • Bernanke's Case for a Weaker Yen

    Investors are so down on the euro that this pro thinks it could make a better currency play than the dollar.

  • Weakness Ahead for the Yen?

    The Japanese currency has been beaten up lately, but tax hikes and political currents will keep the pressure on.

  • Aussie Jumps, Euro Lifts, Korea Cuts

    Japan's exports slide again and Bank of England members question QE — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Bull Market for Japanese Equities in 2013: Pro

    Paul Krake, Founder, View from the Peak: Macro Strategies says that the likely LDP win and a less independent BOJ will be bullish for Japanese stocks next year.

  • Japan's Economy in 'Near-Recession' State: Pro

    Yoshito Sakakibara, Executive Director, Investment Research, JP Morgan Asset Management says there's no doubt that Japan's economy is weakening. He adds that any policy that will help support growth will be badly needed.

  • The Fate of the US Dollar

    Sebastien Galy, Senior Currency Strategist, Societe Generale and Paul Gambles, Managing Partner at MBMG International discuss dollar direction on the pretext of a resolution to the fiscal cliff.

  • Aussie Jumps, Euro Lifts, Korea Cuts

    The Bank of Japan stands pat and the Greek drama plays on — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • FX Markets 'Sanguine' on Moody's France Downgrade: Pro

    Callum Henderson, Global Head of FX Research at Standard Chartered, says the currency market is optimistic over the euro zone's outlook despite the downgrade of France by ratings agency Moody's.

  • The dollar/yen is moving steadily towards the 84 resistance level. There is a high probability of a retreat developing from this area.

  • BOJ to Stand Pat: Pro

    Ben Collett, Head of Japanese Equities, Louis Capital Markets says that Japan's central bank is unlikely to move on rates until after the general elections.

  • Euro Should Push Higher on Greek Aid: Strategist

    Sean Callow, Senior Currency Strategist, Westpac Bank says a further tranche of Greek aid could help push the Euro higher. He adds that investors should sell into the currency at 1.29.

  • The Game Changer Rocking the Yen

    A political call for monetary easing is roiling the yen and upending traders' longstanding risk-based strategies.

  • Aussie Jumps, Euro Lifts, Korea Cuts

    Risk appetite is on the rise and the Bank of India is ready to move — it's time for your FX Fix.

  • Wilting Yen Points to Easing, but Japan May Wait

    Expectations for aggressive monetary easing by the Bank of Japan (BOJ) are driving the yen lower, but economists rule out such policy action when the central bank concludes a two-day policy meeting on Tuesday.

  • Brace for Explosive Gains in Japan Stocks as Yen Slumps

    Japanese stocks have rallied over five percent in the past week on the prospect of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) - a proponent of unlimited monetary easing – winning a majority in the December elections, and analysts forecast bumper gains for the country’s equity markets if this scenario plays out.

  • EUR/USD a Sell as Impact from Greek Debt Talks Seen Minimal: Pro

    David Forrester, Senior Vice President of G10 FX Strategy at Macquarie, suggests selling the euro against the dollar on rallies back towards the 1.30 level as Greek financing talks will likely have limited impact.

  • Japan's Leadership Challenge

    Tomohiko Taniguchi, Special Guest Professor from the Graduate School of SDM, Keio University discusses the future of the Bank of Japan and the development of the energy policy under a Shinzo Abe-led government.

  • Yen's Moves to Depend On the BOJ's Future

    Brian Jackson, Global FX Strategist, Coutts expects the yen to weaken over the next 6-9 months. He adds that the scenario will depend on a LDP victory and its subsequent influence on the BOJ.

  • Japan to Hurt JGB Market On More Yen Intervention: Pro

    Richard Yetsenga, Head of Global Markets Research, ANZ says Japan is likely to hurt fiscal financing if it succeeds in lowering the yen, as JGB yields will probably rise above 1% with more policy intervention.