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US Economy Jared Bernstein

  • CHICAGO, July 30- Medicare turns 50 on Thursday, riding high in the polls but under attack from presidential candidates proposing benefit cuts or even phasing out the U.S. healthcare program for older people. And the public really, really likes Medicare, which last year covered 54 million Americans. A poll released earlier this month by the Kaiser Family...

  • Why this Democrat opposes Obama's trade deal Monday, 11 May 2015 | 9:34 AM ET
    President Barack Obama and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on the White House South Lawn in Washington, April 28, 2015.

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership does not include a provision that would prevent currency manipulation, Democratic economist Jared Bernstein tells CNBC.

  • Should US raise minimum wage? Thursday, 22 May 2014 | 2:53 PM ET
    Should US raise minimum wage?

    Michael Strain, AEI Resident Scholar, explains why he feels raising the minimum wage is bad for businesses. CNBC contributor Jared Bernstein weighs in.

  • Jobs number vs GDP growth: Which economy is it? Friday, 2 May 2014 | 4:28 PM ET

    What the April report and recent GDP number really say about the economy.

  • Want companies to stop hoarding cash? Here’s how Thursday, 24 Apr 2014 | 5:38 PM ET

    Apple may be sitting on $151 billion in cash, but it's certainly not the only company stockpiling money.

  • Washington taken at least 2 steps backwards: Pro Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013 | 2:56 PM ET
    Washington taken at least 2 steps backwards: Pro

    Jared Bernstein, Center on Budget & Policy Priorities, says Congress has taken at least "two steps back" and the only way to push through the impasse is for Speaker Boehner to pass a clean bill with mostly Democratic votes.

  • U.S. Treasury

    The chances of a deal between Democratic and Republican lawmakers that would overhaul the U.S. tax system, trim government spending and reform safety net spending programs appear to be fading.

  • Econ recovery likely _ benefiting election winner Monday, 1 Oct 2012 | 1:04 PM ET

    WASHINGTON-- Eventually, the economic recovery will pick up steam _ whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney is in the White House. But first, Obama or Romney, together with Congress, will have to pull back from the widely deplored "fiscal cliff," the politically created budget abyss facing the nation at year's end.

  • capital_money.jpg

    In order to avoid the “fiscal cliff” Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke warned about this week, the debate raged over the best way to fix the economy: Spending cuts, tax cuts or both.

  • Will Haiti Forever Change the Way We Use Money? Monday, 8 Feb 2010 | 11:45 AM ET

    The recent media interest in the use of mobile phones to make donations to the Haiti appeal has cast light on the potential of mobile technology to transform the way we send and receive money in the future.

  • immigration_visa_200.jpg

    Contrary to popular belief - and one often fueled by misperception and misinformation, major IT services companies do not hoard visas and they do not displace American workers. However, before favoring massive H1-B reform or outright abolishment, opponents should take a closer look at its implications from a global perspective.

  • Green Profits: Room Temperature Ice Cream Tuesday, 22 Sep 2009 | 9:35 AM ET
    Ice Cream

    Unilever scientists are developing an ice cream that can be stored and transported at room temperature.

  • Healthcare coverage and the hastle of forms

    President Obama has appropriately led the charge to alert Americans about the crisis and the need for change. At this point, we all know our current healthcare “system” does not work and we have all seen plenty of evidence detailing the symptoms and root causes of healthcare’s failure. The problem, as evidenced by Sunday’s political talk show blitz, is that no one in Washington has addressed the real elephant in the room: healthcare inflation.

  • piggy_bank1.jpg

    In today’s financial economy, many of us are re-evaluating our financial situations and making increased efforts to spend less and save more. As you make these changes, you may find that there are people and obstacles in your life that keep you from meeting these goals…this is what I call your “Crabs in Your Bucket.” Every time you try to make financial improvements, they reach up and pull you back into the bucket with them.

  • Why China Is Winning the Green Game Friday, 18 Sep 2009 | 9:39 AM ET
    Hand plant money

    Even as China overtakes the US in the dubious category of “world’s leading greenhouse gas producer” it is also taking the lead in developing the technologies and policies to solve the problem well ahead of the US - - and sell those solutions to us at massive profits which could have been ours.

  • Pento: Forget Bernanke Buzz, Flush the Fed Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009 | 2:34 PM ET

    While most people in our industry are quick to hoist Mr. Bernanke on a pedestal-just as the former maestro Allan Greenspan was—I think the entire institution should be canned.

  • Guest Blog: Carbon Pricing and Your Investments Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009 | 8:28 AM ET
    Hand plant money

    Smart businesses and investors will now need to crack “The Carbon Code” to figure out  winners and losers — and just how much to adjust their business plans and portfolios.