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Javier E. David

Javier David
Senior editor

Javier is CNBC's weekend homepage editor. He joined the site as a writer in 2012, covering energy, markets and general business/financial topics. Prior to CNBC, he covered foreign exchange and macroeconomics for Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, where he on occasion covered top Federal Reserve officials. He got his first start in journalism reporting on Forex/macro, capital markets and corporate governance at Reuters, also covering global policymakers. On occasion, he muses independently about movies, music and popular culture.

A Long Island native who currently resides in Brooklyn, Javier holds a B.A. in economics and politics from Long Island University, and a Master of Public Administration from Columbia University. He speaks fluent Spanish, passably conversational French, and can order french fries and chicken in German. Sadly, he never quite mastered Klingon.

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