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Jefferson Innovation 2011

  • Monticello University of Virginia

    For two days, some of the best and brightest minds in technology, education and business will gather at the University of Virginia for a conversation about how to encourage innovators and entrepreneurs to create jobs, spur economic growth, and ensure global competitiveness.

  • What it Takes to Innovate Monday, 10 Oct 2011 | 2:26 PM ET

    Anyone can successfully innovate using their individual skills and network of contacts, provided they’re committed to working with and engaging their customers early in the development process and being flexible enough to capitalize on the unexpected.

  • Developing Your Innovator’s DNA Monday, 10 Oct 2011 | 2:27 PM ET

    Innovators question the status quo, observe like anthropologists, network for new ideas, experiment by trying out new things, taking things apart, and testing out prototypes. In short, they consistently act differently to think differently.

  • Watch the Webcast of the Rotunda Dialogue Wednesday, 12 Oct 2011 | 10:34 AM ET
    Jefferson Summit

    Watch all the exclusive video clips from the CNBC webcast of the Rotunda Dialogue at the Jefferson Innovation Summit in Charlottesville, VA.

  • Developing Your Inner Innovator Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011 | 10:28 AM ET

    Innovators question the status quo, observe like anthropologists, network for new ideas, and experiment. In short, innovators consistently act differently to think differently.

  • The Right Climate for Innovation Monday, 19 Sep 2011 | 10:12 AM ET

    What a terrible time to try to sell an innovation. Oh, for the boom years of a decade ago, when investment capital was as plentiful as the dew.

  • Growing Entrepreneurs Outside the Classroom Monday, 19 Sep 2011 | 10:08 AM ET
    Peter Thiel, founder of the Theil Foundation and is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist.

    Some of the the best tech innovators are college dropouts. Now one of them is paying aspiring ones to quit school and brainstorm.  Peter Thiel's fellowship program is now underway.

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