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Jesse Bergman

Jesse Bergman
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  • Buried in 130 million daily tweets hides a veritable goldmine of information for traders and investors – if you know where to look. In one corner of the highly lucrative grains market is a growing network of farmers and traders that are using tweets to transform how this multi-trillion dollar industry does business. These tweets are dramatically accelerating the flow of information to give investors an edge in the commodities market. Farmers are also cashing in, using tweets from the trading flo

    CNBC spoke to farmers and traders taking part in this real-time dialogue to understand how this information is used, how bigger profits are made and how farming is going high-tech.

  • Paul Hawtin

    Kate Kelly goes one-on-one with the two key players behind an ambitious new UK hedge fund launching in early April, which is promising its investors outsized returns using millions of random tweets to predict changes in the stock market.

  • Twitter

    Derwent originally planned a February launch date for its Absolute Return Fund, which will base its holdings and strategy on data mined from Twitter, but says he is now targeting a more realistic April 1 timetable.

  • Twitter

    Starting in February, a group of very bold hedge fund managers are launching a multi-million dollar hedge fund whose strategy relies on one very unusual market indicator: your Twitter account.

  • Meredith Whitney

    In an interview broadcast on “60 Minutes” Sunday night, Whitney, who runs the Meredith Whitney Advisory Group, argued that the $3 trillion municipal bond market faces the immediate threat of hundreds of billions of dollars in defaults. That notion has put the investment community on the defensive Monday, as bankers and analysts scramble to reassure investors and clients that the market isn’t about to fall to pieces.