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  • Betsy DeVos speaks during her confirmation hearing for Secretary of Education before the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee on Capitol Hill January 17, 2017 in Washington, DC.

    Betsy DeVos, education secretary nominee, faced tough questions from Democratic lawmakers, NBC News reports.

  • President-elect Donald Trump continued holding meetings on Wednesday in New York as he prepared to take over the White House from Barack Obama on Jan. 20. *Investment banker, head of Ducera Partners, advising on Bayer-Monsanto merger. *New York- based media specialist involved with Bayer-Monsanto merger.

  • A protester's sign reads 'Dump Trump' during a campaign rally for Donald Trump

    The anti-Trump forces have unleashed a back-up plan in case their efforts to deny Donald Trump the Republican nomination fail.

  • Lieberman's solution for the economy

    Fmr. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) discusses the President's plan to build up the economy and strengthen the middle class. The problem is, there aren't a lot of extra resources, he says. A bi-partisan program of deficit reduction would be the best way to help.

  • Top U.S. lawmakers voiced rising fear on Sunday that the country would go over "the fiscal cliff" in nine days, and some Republicans charged that was President Barack Obama's goal.

  • Who will fill roles at State, Treasury and Defense?

  • ROMNEY on Syria: "What I'm afraid of is we've watched over the past year or so, first the president saying, `Well, we'll let the U.N. deal with it.' And Assad _ excuse me, Kofi Annan _ came in and said we're going to try to have a cease-fire.

  • DANVILLE, Ky.-- Politicians aren't the only ones looking for a debate-related boost when Joe Biden and Paul Ryan go toe-to-toe in Kentucky.

  • NEW YORK, Oct 4- The Connecticut U.S. Senate race is essentially tied one month before the November election as Democratic U.S. Representative Christopher Murphy tries to fend off former wrestling magnate Linda McMahon, a Quinnipiac University poll showed on Thursday.

  • NEW YORK, Oct 4- The Connecticut U.S. Senate race is essentially tied one month before the November election, with Republican Linda McMahon leading Democratic U.S. Christopher Murphy by a single percentage point among likely voters, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released on Thursday.

  • In the past two weeks, customers of top U.S. banks including Bank of America Corp, JPMorgan Chase& Co, Wells Fargo& Co, U.S. Bancorp and PNC Financial Services have reported having trouble accessing their websites, as unusually high traffic volumes appeared to crash or slow down the systems.

  • lock_laptop.jpg

    The House this coming week will consider legislation to better defend corporate networks from foreign governments, cybercriminals and terrorist groups.

  • New Yorkers make their way through falling snow in New York, October 29, 2011. New York has been hit by snowfall before Halloween for only the fourth time since the US Civil War. (1861-1865)

    Tens of thousands of Connecticut residents awoke Monday as part of an unenviable fraternity: people entering their second week without power after an early-season storm that hammered the Northeast with wet, heavy snow.