John Melloy

John Melloy
Investing Editor of

John Melloy was the executive producer of CNBC's "Fast Money" and the "Fast Money Halftime Report" until October 2013. Before returning to CNBC, he was chief executive officer of, the leading social networking platform for stocks. He began his career at Bloomberg News in 1999 and rose to team leader of U.S. stock market coverage there before leaving for CNBC in 2006 to launch "Fast Money."


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    Some strategists said that the new two-step austerity plan agreed upon by Congress could make a recession even more likely and what's worse, tie the hands of the Fed to step in and help.

  • Debt Fallout: Even Market Pros Don't Know What to Do Thursday, 28 Jul 2011 | 3:49 PM ET

    Few pros have ever experienced a market environment with so many rapidly changing catalysts. “Many of them are, frankly, beyond our capabilities and competence,” says Laszlo Birinyi, the legendary trader.

  • Roger McNamee

    Microsoft "stole" Skype from Silver Lake Partners and previous owner eBay spacer when it purchased the internet video communication service for just $8.5 billion this May from the private equity firm, according to legendary venture capitalist Roger McNamee. Silver Lake bought Skype two years ago from eBay for $2 billion.


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