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Juan Aruego

Juan Aruego
Earnings Editor


  • JP Morgan Chase

    Government relief plans, massive merger integrations and, oh yeah, actual banking results. How do you digest all that into a buy or sell order for JPM? Read on for more issues you need to consider before testing the waters of this bank's equity pool.

  • RIM_earnings.jpg

    Earnings, real and growing earnings from a company not in the middle of the financial crisis. Come and get em!

  • fedex_truck_OQ_4.jpg

    While the broader market has edged lower over the last two months, FedEx shares are up a whopping 20%. You can thank falling oil prices for some of that gain, but what about the future? Oil prices have fallen in part due to worries about a slowing global economy.

  • Goldman Sachs

    This is about as important as earnings reports get. After Monday's sharp declines, investors are looking for signs either to keep on selling or finally get back in the market. Goldman's earnings will set the tone for Tuesday's trading.

  • In a parting shot, Freddie Mac sucker punches a major index's third-quarter earnings forecast. Enough already!

  • merrill_lynch_building.jpg

    Financial stocks are enjoying a truly astounding rally. Now it's Merrill's turn to keep the bulls in charge or... renew worries about continuing losses from the credit crisis. Which will it be?

  • GE

    GE shareholders would probably like to forget last quarter and the stock's 28% decline. But what about the future? Can spin-offs and recently-announced acquisitions reignite growth at GE?

  • alcoa2_new.jpg

    The conventional wisdom on Alcoa is pretty simple: surging energy costs + aluminum price increases that lag other commodities = unimpressive profits. Unless the metals giant surprises (nearly) everyone, earnings season is set to start with a whimper.

  • Oracle's headquarters in Redwood City, California.

    This could be a big one. Oracle will give us an early read of how American business did in the second quarter. As the largest seller of business software, Oracle has a unique view of the economy.

  • rim_logo_new.jpg

    It's fun making the smartphone most business people want, especially when it leads to expectations of yet another triple-digit jump in profits. So how can you figure out if Research in Motion can do it again? We're glad you asked.