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  • NEW YORK/ BOSTON, Oct 17- Largely united in their dislike of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, some ultra-wealthy U.S. investors who play in conservative politics are warily weighing their choices, torn between third-party candidates, simply focusing on down-ballot contests or even voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Stanley Druckenmiller,...

  • Aug 24- The partners of Emerging Sovereign Group LLC have agreed to buy back the majority stake in the emerging markets-focused hedge fund manager that was acquired by Carlyle Group LP in 2011, Carlyle said on Wednesday. ESG was founded in 2002 by former Morgan Stanley colleagues Kevin Kenny, Mete Tuncel and Jason Kirschner with seed capital from Tiger...

  • NEW YORK, May 16- Former SAC executive Gabe Plotkin's Melvin Capital took a new position in streaming video service Netflix Inc, buying 950,000 shares and a call option for 1.45 million shares, according to regulatory filings on Monday. Melvin Capital also took a new position in Home Depot Inc, buying 475,000 shares. And Passport Capital added 3.3 million Yahoo...

  • Charles Ferguson on the set of his new climate-change documentary “Time to Choose”

    Times have changed, it is now more environmentally friendly and profitable to use renewable energy, says Oscar-winning director Charles Ferguson.

  • Julian Robertson

    Julian Robertson, Tiger Management founder, tells CNBC's Kelly Evans he is extremely positive on Apple and the company has the right leader for this time.

  • Robertson: Greece, Puerto Rico & Jeb Bush

    Julian Robertson, Tiger Management founder, tells CNBC's Kelly Evans he covers a wide variety of topics, from Apple's prospects, to Greece and Puerto, and his support for Jeb Bush.

  • Julian Robertson

    At least 7 hedge funds with ties to Julian Robertson's Tiger Management have shut in recent years, but is it a trend?

  • Philippe Laffont, founder and chief investment officer of Coatue Management LLC.

    Some $70 million in research by Coatue Management this year has so far yielded three themes for investing in technology.

  • Bill Goodell

    High-profile hedge fund executive William "Bill" Goodell has a new job.

  • Feroz Dewan at the Allen & Co. Media and Technology Conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, last July.

    A high-flying private investment firm known for its prescient bets on tech is losing two of its top executives.

  • David and Charles Koch

    Wall Street and big business's election kingmakers are reaching for their wallets again in the race for President.

  • Tiger Management founder Julian Robertson.

    Patrick McCormack's Tiger Consumer Management is shutting down at the end of March.

  • The Uber car service app is displayed on an HTC smartphone in Berlin, Nov. 24, 2014.

    A small group of elite investors are behind Uber's latest fundraising effort and believe the company is set for a massive IPO.

  • A trader at the NYSE during the Alibaba Group IPO opening.

    Some of America's biggest and most influential hedge funds are investing heavily in Chinese tech giant Alibaba.

  • Tiger Management founder Julian Robertson.

    The Tiger Management founder believes that even though "the economy is getting better," there are dangers stirring beneath the surface.

  • Tiger's Julian Robertson big fan of Google & Uber

    Tiger Management founder Julian Robertson expresses support for Google and calls it one of the best run companies in the world. Robertson also weighs in on Uber and says he would invest in the company.

  • Tiger's Robertson: Don't think the US will default

    Billionaire and hedge fund manager Julian Robertson explains why he doesn't think the government will let the U.S default.

  • Julian Robertson: Jobs was genius but terrible guy

    Investing legend Julian Roberton shares his thoughts on Steve Jobs as a person and explains why he sold his shares of Apple.

  • *Some big-name Romney backers will be watching from Boston. Now, some heavyweights of the $2 trillion industry plan to break out the champagne and party in style Tuesday night as they cheer on their man at events in Boston, New York and even Las Vegas, according to people familiar with the Romney campaign and some of the big contributors.

  • Where Is Julian Robertson Investing?

    Worried about the macro problems in Europe and the U.S., investors have become far too bearish, legendary hedge fund manager Julian Robertson told CNBC on Thursday.