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  • NEW YORK, Jan 11- The New Republic is up for sale, owner Chris Hughes said on Monday, prompting a backlash over his handling of the left-leaning magazine known for its commentary on politics and the arts. Washington Post Wonkblog writer Matt O'Brien said on Twitter: "Godspeed to Chris Hughes at whatever he fails at next in his quest to prove that he didn't just win the...

  • China's relationship with North Korea Thursday, 7 Jan 2016 | 2:00 AM ET
    China's relationship with North Korea

    Chris Torrens, senior managing director at Control Risks, says the relationship between North Korea and China is not as strong as it was in the past.

  • North Korea tests a hydrogen nuclear bomb Wednesday, 6 Jan 2016 | 12:00 AM ET
    North Korea tests a hydrogen nuclear bomb

    The politically-isolated country tested a hydrogen nuclear bomb, sparking outrage from the international community.

  • Bill Richardson: I 'screwed up' about Kim Jong Un Tuesday, 13 Jan 2015 | 6:20 AM ET
    Bill Richardson: I 'screwed up' about Kim Jong Un

    I made a mistake, says former Gov. Bill Richardson, (D-N.M.), explaining his comments on North Korea's leader.

  • Obama to talk cybersecurity in State of the Union Monday, 12 Jan 2015 | 7:22 AM ET
    President Barack Obama speaking

    President Obama will be previewing more proposals he will outline in his State of the Union address, including cybersecurity.

  • The Sony hack and Kim Jong Un's cyberallies Friday, 19 Dec 2014 | 6:03 PM ET
    A military officer uses a computer in an electronic library at the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School, an elite military school for boys ages eleven to eighteen, on the outskirts of Pyongyang, North Korea.

    A U.S. official's mention of a possible China connection in the Sony hack addresses an interesting question: Did North Korea act alone and unabetted?

  • How Kim Jong Un's scrappy cyberarmy operates Thursday, 18 Dec 2014 | 2:23 PM ET
    File photo of students at the Mangyongdae Revolutionary School, in Pyongyang, North Korea, work on computers.

    How does a poverty-stricken country like North Korea obtain cyber-capabilities to level a corporation the size of Sony?

  • Sony breach exposes employee information Tuesday, 2 Dec 2014 | 12:54 PM ET
    Signage outside the Sony Pictures Entertainment Studios building in Culver City, Calif.

    Information including social security numbers of Sony Pictures employees seem to be part of the massive breach that hit the company.

  • The kids bringing down North Korea's regime Saturday, 15 Nov 2014 | 3:40 PM ET
    Passengers board the train at an underground railway station located in Pyongyang, North Korea.

    Young North Koreans are coming of age amid a proliferation of black markets. This market generation just might solve the North Korea problem.

  • Kim Jong Un rumor mill Friday, 10 Oct 2014 | 1:48 PM ET
    Kim Jong Un rumor mill

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has not been seen in public for over a month. CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera discusses growing speculation as to his whereabouts after missing a key political meeting.

  • Kim Jong Un misses key event due to 'pulled tendon' Friday, 10 Oct 2014 | 10:10 AM ET
    Kim Jong Un

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in firm control of his government but hurt his leg taking part in a military drill. Reuters reports.

  • Kim Jong Un to star in video game Thursday, 15 May 2014 | 6:40 PM ET
    Screen from Glorious Leader video game by Moneyhorse

    A video game that will soon be released stars North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. NBC News reports.

  • What North Korea purge means for its neighbors Monday, 16 Dec 2013 | 7:21 PM ET
    What North Korea purge means for its neighbors

    Andrew Gilholm, Senior Analyst for China and Korea at Control Risks, says Jang Song-thaek's execution will increase uncertainty in China over Kim Jong-un's leadership.

  • Doing business in North Korea Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013 | 6:45 PM ET
    Doing business in North korea

    Joseph Naemi, Director at HBOil talks about the impact of sanctions, risks & opportunities in Mongolia and North Korea.

  • Reining in North Korea Thursday, 27 Jun 2013 | 9:22 PM ET
    Reining in North Korea

    Troy Stangarone, Senior Director, Congressional Affairs & Trade at the Korea Economic Institute, discusses how China and South Korea can work together to denuclearize North Korea.

  • North Korea Losing Credibility? Monday, 15 Apr 2013 | 8:35 PM ET
    North Korea Losing Credibility?

    Richard Tanter, Professor in the School of Political and Social Studies at the University of Melbourne, says North Korea's provocative approach is hindering the process of negotiating peace in the region.

  • Implications of North Korea Threats & China Sunday, 14 Apr 2013 | 8:10 PM ET
    Implications of North Korea Threats & China

    Richard Jerram, Chief Economist at Bank of Singapore weighs in on a whole host of issues including implications of threats from North Korea and expectations from China as it braces to release a slew of economic data.

  • Did China Just Tell North Korea to Knock It Off? Sunday, 7 Apr 2013 | 11:53 AM ET

    Chinese leaders didn't directly name North Korea but everyone knew who they meant when the warned against "troublemaking on China's doorstep."

  • North Korea's Need to Maintain Legitimacy Thursday, 4 Apr 2013 | 8:20 PM ET
    North Korea's Need to Maintain Legitimacy

    Sean King, Senior Vice President at Park Strategies says North Korea's need to sustain legitimacy at home is driving it to threaten an attack but neither Obama nor Park Geun-hye are about to bow to the pressure.

  • Panetta: US, South Korea Must Be Prepared Monday, 1 Apr 2013 | 4:24 PM ET
    Panetta: US, South Korea Must Be Very Prepared

    Discussing just how concerned the world should be with the aggressive tenor coming out of North Korea, and whether the U.S. is doing enough to combat hackers, with Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense.